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new tut


this is what we will be making


pics i used

1 2

texture i used




Step 1:


Create a blank background, black in colour. My wallpaper size is 1366x768.




Use any two amy lee pics like i have. It would be better if it would be in that angle but its not necessary though. Open a new layer and paste the first pic anyway u like; i placed one on top and the other one below, open a new layer again and paste the second pic, both pic should be close to each other. Dont forget to sparpen ur pics before u add the texture.


Step 3:


Take the texture i posted above and paste it on another layer. I know the texture is small but i resized it. Paste the texture in between the two pics and say burn.




Yeah i know the pics other half can be seen in between the torn part of the texture, erase those bits so only half of her face is shown. Then u add ur colours and text as u plz and ur done :)


show me what u come up with and plz ask if u have anything to ask

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