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  1. agree with this one. btw where is her belly button?! oO
  2. just wondering. ive tried to find out where it is from (at forums and site but it did work out) ;p http://jebzdzldy.pl/obr/180199/emma (it says "Emma is not pleased that you are not drinking a beer tonight" )
  3. thank you girls *kisses* im feeling like a pro. finally!!!!!
  4. i'm watching in HD so i'll make at least one screen shot ASAP
  5. Stoga

    BoMa Graphics

    noothing changed. you're still the best! <3 & agree, layout is glamorous!
  6. thank you sweety! *kisses* here is my newest retouch (finished it yesterday) photography by my buddy J. Filip and some backstage shoots by me enjoy!
  7. woah, i havent been here for a while! im feeling that site&forums are dead.. a little bit... since HP ended where are you guys? (and who says it, right? >_< ) I came to show you my latest photo. I took it at saturday (next photoshoot at saturday inspired by shots of Emma, so glamour *__* ) so, let me know what do you think, even if its in a little bit too dark mood see you next week! *kisses*
  8. where it is from? does anyone knows ? if you cant see .git here is link http://jebzdzidyb.pl/obrazek/127660
  9. hey heyyy thank you very much for such great comments! :* here is something new for you (:
  10. thank you girls :* i havent been here for a while! something new, something wintery (:
  11. Stoga

    Maki's Graphics

    awwww welcome back! lovely work as always
  12. Stoga

    BoMa Graphics

    thank you for mine! its wonderfull! (a little to late but stil...) xD
  13. Stoga

    Sourburst Graphics

    1st 'i cant be selfish with you' is my fav one but abot dancing is great too! like all of these
  14. i love soft coloring in last post!
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