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NFL Football Player: Aaron Hernandez Charged with Murder

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I wasn't sure if this should go in the current events forum or the sports forum.  The mods can switch it as they see fit.


I know that trials these days have become popular entertainment for many.  I do not tend to follow too many live television trials since the O.J. Simpson murder trail.


Upon seeing the news broadcasts today, I was wondering as to whether or not it is "typical"  or "required" for the prosecution to openly discuss they evidence they propose to have when bringing a murder charge during an araignment?  Or is it more common to simply read the charges and not discuss any evidence until the trial begins? 


The other thing that came to mind as I watched this today was what ever happened with the whole Oscar Pistorius case?


I will likely follow this trial as closely as my time allows me to as I am a big NFL Football fan and my sister and brother in law are big New England Patriots fans.

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This story becomes more bizzare and sad each day it seems.  Some news reports are linking Hernandez now with the investigation of a double homicide in Massachusetts in July of 2012.  He is also being sued or likely to be sued for an incident in 2010 where he reportedly shot a man in his car, following an argument they had after leaving a strip club in Florida. The man lost his eye as a result of the shooting.


It is already hard not to appear guilty in the court of public opinion.  The law has a much higher standard of proof and rightfully so, but things don't look good at the moment for Mr. Hernandez.

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he totally ruined his life. isnt he like 23? he had a whole career ahead of him.


and yeah! i was wondering about Oscars case, i know it got pushed until july but i havent heard anything about it

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