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Would you want Enma to write a memoir?

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I love reading memoirs a lot and I've been thinking lately that I wish emma had one.

I'd be interested in reading about how she balanced school and Harry Potter. And how she's been able to stay so humble and grounded. I'd love to read about how she balanced college with a crazy schedule.

Would anyone else think it'd be cool?

What would you be interested in reading about?

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Emma writes a diaries. She have around 30 of them now. She always try add something new before going to sleep. Began to write them when she was 11 years old. 

When I knew about that on the Ellen show, I imediatly thought "I WANT TO READ IT" !! Haha I'd love to read from her, and I'd love to know more about her. 

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An interesting thought. I suppose it's generally frowned upon to write one's memoirs before reaching the age of 30, but I suppose Emma's Harry Potter years would make for an interesting read. It's quite unusual for a child or young adult to spend a good part of her life on a film set and I'm sure she'd have some intriguing stories to tell.


I found Sean Astin's book "There And Back Again" rather entertaining, and he's not exactly old either.


Neve and I once created a make-believe trailer for a movie on Emma's life we'd like to see. If you go waaaay back on EW.net, you'll find it in the news of 25 December 2007 (http://emma-watson.net/page/128/).

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