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  1. OMG! Rupert is just one of a kind and very talented. He has always been my favorite of the HP trio/teen cast and he is ofc very good looking-normally hehe. Rupert on stage with Nathan Lane.
  2. Wow-he is a funny,grounded guy with lots of talent. + I "love" that song
  3. Can't stay away from my favorite thread. Missed you guys here! Ahh I missed Rupes birthday! shame on me!
  4. I approve! Very good speech. Its strong and daring for such a young person to give a speech like that!.
  5. ..And this one sounds good too! My EW fan in me are growing!
  6. THIS! ( site need a like button!) I like the sound of this movie! Sounds really good!
  7. Yeah, I would read it but not yet-. in about 20--30 years if she still in showbiz. But that goes for any celeb-not to young.before that I'm not interested-sorry.
  8. I don't really have anything to add here other than to let you know that i'm still here now and then and do like it here and you guys always rock! + ofc i'm still shipping these two !
  9. She looks really cute and I like that her hair is getting longer. And the third one is really funny. Jennifer is such a great actress! And she also seems so down to earth, like Emma.
  10. ^^ AHH so beautiful. Thank you for posting/sharing! Kristine: I know! they are great role models and down to earth and caring, love that about them! its always good to see you guys "alive" and well here !
  11. WOW,Read this om the news! i always get a lil' happy to read news about the "potter stars" on the local station.
  12. Woah! Now I have seen this movie,the bling ring, I never really planned that I would because it just didn't sound like it would be my cup of tea, but it was on a cable channel and I thought I would give it a go-and I'm glad i did. it really was much better than i thought. and Emma did a really good job in it.I'm so glad to see that her acting has gotten better!! Her short-breathing and Hermione-acting only came through during the "interviews".
  13. ^^^^ yeah! That is just amazing!! itsgoing to be really great to see Rupert on Broadway!
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