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yeah she does sing in Noah, a lullaby written by patti smith hope I remember well, i think it's the scene where noah wants to kill her babies...not sure though.

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I tried to find more info about it but the only thing I found is Emma's character singing in the movie when Noah wants to kill her children. But I didn't find the song on the soundtrack... 



I'm not 100% sure if this is it? 

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The soundtrack is available on amazon.

Here is the link.




I believe the song is "Mercy Is" track 23 I think.

Two cool things about the noah movie that made me happy. I made an ascii art picture of the picture on the front graphic novel and I posted it on Twitter and Darren Aronofsky retweeted me!! I also won one of the contesta from Regency films and they sent me a movie poster. :)

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