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    I'm now an early years teacher who loves photography, I also write travel and food reviews

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  1. N9w currently reading . Those are real bullets ( about derry and bloody Sunday)
  2. MircaleNye


    Nope I haven't gotten it
  3. This weekend z stations have the chance to win 1000 airports when you spend $40 on petrol
  4. It's 14.10 but my body it's telling me it's 1500. We went off daylight savings time
  5. I've just brought the Noah dvd
  6. OK. Oh yeah just 15 days till her 27th birthday
  7. I'm going to a charity screening of it on Saturday even though I've already seen it
  8. MircaleNye


    Used to write alot but now I just read them
  9. I have 6 tattoos. 2 are my designs and are done by 3 different artists
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