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Ashley's Graphics.

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thank you :) and they are GORGEOUS!!! <3

i see you're a fan :P

love your icon <3

Huge fan :drool: I love how you manage to find such great pictures of them. I find that difficult... with almost all male celebs I like there are very few good photos that really show how incredibly sexy they are "while moving".

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Yup, I'm in love. It's official. Great coloring there too!!! Fab

thank you :) and don't worry, i know how you feel, i'm in love too :P


You make amazing icons, me love them.

thank you so much <3

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Your updates are wonderful, LOVE the Supernatural ones <333 :wub:


thank you <3


I didn't know she had braces! :) Nice stuff.


You should make Supernatural wallpapers :ohyeah:

really you didn't know? haha she's so cute with braces :P

and you think i should? hmm...i might give it a try! don't know how well i would do though :o


I love your Evanna Lynch update!


thank you <3

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