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  2. I'll say it out loud; you can see her nipples in some of the photos (I believe that was what some of you were hinting at?)
  3. Yes, I saw that too, link to post about it on WatsonUncensored (sincerely hope it was ok for me to post that, otherwise remove) Who knows what happened? But as long Emma's happy with this new fella
  4. Used to be a milkaholic. Drank it with every meal instead of water... then I lived in NZ and got to taste high pasteurized milk, YUK! So I got used to water instead. Now I drink a couple of litres a week, usually not with meals but as a snack Or with cereal or hot chocolate... but I really love milk, couldn't live without it!
  5. Cuteness overload! I think she colored her hair, it's really dark.
  6. So excited to see this movie! And seeing Emma as an american will be really interesting... when I read the book this summer I kept trying to imagine Emma as Sam but it was difficult, but I'm sure she did a great job
  7. Absolutely! Can't guarantee I'd succeed though Would you wear clothes, meant for the opposite sex, every day for 3 months?
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o06IGIyPy-Q&feature=youtu.be
  9. Ahh, I love them because they go with everything, from pretty dresses to cooler outfits Agree some people pull them of really well... Like Emma Haven't worn earmuffs since forever... I'll be wearing what I always love to wear; big scarfs, thick stockings, boots and comfy sweaters. Need to get some new comfy sweaters though...
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