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aww, ha the retouches are amazing :] they made me laugh.

keep up the wonderufl work !

Haha awesome, thanx!


This one is old-ish, when do you think we'll see Emma attend the Oscars? :) It's time soon if you ask me...



I made this on friday! Just a random photo I found when I Googled "pictures that needs retouching" ^_^ Pretty girl but deeply unsatisfied with how the retouch turned out, posting it anyways to shame myself into getting better :P


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those are beautiful retouches! :]

Aw thank you :D


Your retouches are amazing! And Dan turned out to be a very pretty girl! :P

Haha you think? There's something off about it though ^_^


girl you're so talented!!! i love them :) they both look really good!

Thank you darling! :king:


I think the retouch is good and I love how you used a Keira Knightley picture. :P

Haha why did you like that precisely? ^_^

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No inspiration to make graphics these days ^_^


My contribution to the twin competition



But I also made this but didn't think it looked real enough, was a fun try though.


Made a cover for my calender :)


But also made a new sig and avatar set! :D Pascal is one of the loves of my life.

Edited by Mrs Duck
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I like the Calendar cover.


Pascal <3

Love the manipulations.


i just adore your stuff so much <3

:3m_sie: Thanks guys!


So here's the lovely Ashley in two fakes/manips with Jared Padalecki. :)



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haha, how cute. (: I like them. (:

Thank you :)


Hi Hannah, nice graphics. You actually once made a signature for me in the old forum. I remember because I still have that Ashley Tisdale signature and its saved as credit to Mrs Duck.

Thanks! That's awesome :D You mean this old thing?

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Double post... but I just made this and if I don't put it up now I'll forget ^_^


I found this article named "So you don't like overweight girls?" And there were several photos showing the sexiest women I've ever seen! I was blown away by their beauty and saved all the photos. I thought they'd be excellent to make graphics of and they were. :) I'm not satisfied with the text at all but I tried everything else and it refused to work. I might try and change it later.

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