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In Topic: The Ron and Hermione Thread

27 April 2014 - 05:42 PM

Yes, I think 12 yearscof marriage could be about right. What do you all think would their wedding have been like? I guess, since Hermione is a very traditional girl who is proud of her muggle heritage, she would insist on a muggle wedding somewhere near her childhood home. Thus all her relatives could attend.

Come on JKR! We don't need to hear whether Romione - in your view - needed counselling or how you just stuck to the ship because it was your initial plan. Give us dates and places. Tell us how the  Weasleys (Aunt Muriel, anyone?) and all the other witches and wizards tried to adapt to the muggle habits, how they fared in concealing what they really were. How Seamus and Dean tried to lighten up the occasion by insertng some magic. How Hermione's cousins all swooned over Fleur, how Ginny lost it and performed a bat-bogey hex on Hermione's arrogant cousin Angelica who laughed over how the Weasleys dressed, and how Arthur in the end had to put a memory charm on Hermione's relatives (except her parents of course) to make them forget what they have seen. That's what we want to know in detail.

In Topic: The Ron and Hermione Thread

26 April 2014 - 04:30 PM

I'm sorry you have such a hard time to get your hands on your fave beer, Jon. I personally never tried Dinkelacker. You don't find it often where I am, here in northern Germany. I like Veltins or Jever or Beck's. But I don't drink beer on a regular basis. Just when I'm out for dinner. And depending on the meal, the mood and location, I sometimes prefer a good glas of wine. Not that you guys start to think I' m a drunk. Lol.

As for toasting to Ron and Hermione, we could always take Butterbeer.

In Topic: The Ron and Hermione Thread

25 April 2014 - 09:19 PM

Oh, I love the bar and grill thread idea. Good one, Katherine.

I'd start with a steak english style and a cold beer (German beer of course:P )

And, Jon, OF course I love American sports, indie rock and scrabble. Wait the Detroit Bears, is that Baseball or Football! :P

In Topic: The Ron and Hermione Thread

23 April 2014 - 05:35 PM

I agree it would likely be impossible to gather allthose peopoe online at the same time. I misunderstood, Jon, that was purely me being "stupid" not you being misleading. ;-)

Sometimes it's fun to think how it would be to meet some of the online people. Would we even have something to talk about besides HP?  Would there be embarrassed silence or would wee connectmore easily because you have to be a certain kind of person to become attached to a fictional couple the way we do?

In Topic: The Ron and Hermione Thread

22 April 2014 - 02:53 PM

I know how you feel, Jon. There are some people I "met" online over the years who I do miss.

I was very active in several HP forums a couple of years ago, but that has cooled down. Nowadays, I'm only active in a Criminal Minds forum, but since some of them started a CM group on facebook, we almost exclusively meet there and only two or three still come to the forum. At least we are still in contact.

I don't kid myself into thinking I really know my online friends. It's not comparable to the offline friendships I have. But we connected over a very speciel thing, i. e. R/Hr, and got to know bits and pieces about each other. And I cherish my online friends very much. So, if you manage to find a date and time to gather as many of the people youlisted for an online party, I'm game, Jon. As long as it remotely fits my time zone. Lol