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  1. *walks in and looks around....* *'hmm things seem quiet....'* *throws ice-cream at the last poster and mashed potatoes at the next poster.*
  2. 3 ice creams and I just ordered a pizza... not healthy but they taste soooo good
  3. love the hat I wonder what film she saw thanks for posting these
  4. I love her hoodie and her hair looks so cute
  5. the pictures you took are awesome! I love the one with the footprints and the ones with the sun behind the cliffs that place is amazing
  6. - I eat cereal with a teaspoon (and pretty much every sweet thing that comes in a bowl ) - I talk to myself and often end up laughing alone on the street - I can't listen to music and do something else on the computer at the same time there's more, but nothing comes to mind right now
  7. my cat, my best friend and the shoes I bought
  8. ^^ aww thank you! you are always so nice a few more things I've been working on
  9. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist Never Let Me go
  10. lol, no! waiting for your b-day is the most normal thing in the world so don't worry deep down, I think everybody's looking forward to their b-days
  11. I swear I never understood how you manage to so such beautiful blending those wallpapers are amazing
  12. thank you so much everyone I still have a lot to learn but I got the hang of a few tricks lately UPDATE: (one of these will make my new set )
  13. gosh I love that skirt so much Emma looks lovely as usual thanks for posting.
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