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  1. Hey guys, i'm trying to fix up an opening post for my other forum and was wondering if you could give me your favorite quotes that the two of them have said about each other or if you know a good place to find quotes like that!
  2. can i just say this is absolutely hilarious! i was an h/hr shipper for like two seconds but jumped shipped because i was absolutely disgusted by the way they were acting and the things they said i didn't agree with. so please stop acting like you guys are the victim here because i am just as disgusted by most h/hr shippers as you are by us! and lol at 90% being h/hr fans, yea, i highly doubt that..lol i understand this a totally rude post but when you start acting the victim and acting like you are all high and mighty above the r/hr shippers then it pisses me off!
  3. it's the twilight fans who are mad that R/E got highest-grossing couple! i'm almost pretty positive it is plus you can vote as much as you like which makes it worse! lol but they shouldn't be on there in the first place anyways! lol
  4. ok, thank you guys, you made me feel much, much better! i'm keeping the faith that R/E will be together! i love everything they say about each other, it is so sweet! and i love that pic! it's soo cute! the way they look at each other is just love!
  5. well, i found it on tumblr but they found it on mugglenet so i do think it's legit as i don't think mugglenet would post false info. oh i know we shouldn't talk about dan but i just needed to post it somewhere so someone could respond and make me feel better...lol i'm a little more optimistic today..lol i'll watch the 10 years video, i've had it on my tabs forever just haven't watched it! i do read this thread all the time, i'm always lurking! yes, i have heard those reports that they were in the same area, does sound suspicious! i just hope they get it together and date!
  6. i'm kinda feeling down and out about this ship now after reading a set report that said after they were done shooting the final scene and called cut, emma ran as fast as her legs could carry her and hugged dan hard! i think she likes him..i love R/E and want them together but i'm just feeling down about them! i didn't want to say this on my other forum as there are annoying D/E shippers who lurk in the R/E thread and i don't want them to shove this in my face..
  7. Rupert will rock DH, i'm so excited for him! love all the stuff we've been getting, they are so sweet together!
  8. well, dan is saying he enjoyed but that's dan and he's a boy and really who wouldn't enjoy kissing Emma! but Emma isn't saying anything like that, she called it awkward and all that too! they haven't said it's like incest but i don't care about that cause there are no feelings there, they are just best friends and i think it's easier to kiss your best friend then the guy you have feelings for.. and they way they talk about the kiss, it's just like best friends joking around! ok, enough of that talk.. aww, i love the chin on shoulder report, it's soo cute, some has to have it on their ph
  9. that's cause i'm mostly on fan forum, that's my home and i'm a mod over there on the Emma board so i love it there! lol plus i'm shy posting on new forums..lol an unscripted would be so so awesome, Dan would so tease them and embarrass them!
  10. thanks! and you're stronger then me, i need the kiss now, i would so look if their was a picture or gif! i need the kiss in my life now! lol i know i'll cry the whole movie too! lol
  11. i love R/E, they are totally adorable!
  12. Hi guys, i'm Katie! anyways, why i wanted to post was cause there is rumor going around that there is a leaked picture of the R/Hr kiss! would you guys want to see it if someone found it? i think i definitely would, i'm a spoiler whore plus i need to see the kiss! lol
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