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  1. Although it's nice to go and look around and know the places, I have to say you must live your own life, ou know? Example, I was kind if disappointed when I spent a week at Méribel, I thought the place was so crowded and dead at the same time... Another example, If I wanted to live a life like hers, I would go look for a job in London, but instead i spent a holiday week there than I came to Switzerland, far far away, because here is where I like. Now let's hope I can actually find a job... Cheers!
  2. I beg your pardon, you meant George Lucas, right?
  3. I don't understand, I'm here for more than 7 months, with more than 60 posts, and still no access to the restricted places
  4. I wanted to post a very crying smiley here, but the iPhone version of this forum doesn't have any smileys at all. I swear I could see your words colored yellow and rolling into the deep space as I read this line!!!
  5. I thought you had a different boyfriend!!! OMG... At least, every time I see Emma has a new boyfriend, I think "oh, another one like the last one, won't last long then she will be available to me again" I'm not sure you can say the same for Rupert... Feel sorry for you =(
  6. Haribo Tropifruit Yogurt Pringles Apple juice Le Gruyere Milk chocolate
  7. What a nap, lol! Woke up 7ish something o'clock, Checked the cellphone for internet messages and games because was too lazy to get out of bed, Ate Haribo cuz it was just on a reaching distance from bed, Got up after 9h, Went to the loo, Should be going to find a job, but instead went back to bed cuz I'm tired of searching and not having any answers, Check the internet again, Emma Watson forum this time. Oh gosh, I'll have to charge the battery and the power outlet is far from bed and don't have extension cord ='(((
  8. Right now I am traveling and I have only my cellphone to play games: - Tapped Out is a must! - Minion Rush - candy crush, jelly fish, connect the dots... - Some card games like poker and spider... When I had/have my computer again: - DotA 2! - Battlefield 1942 (and forgotten hope of course) And who could not like Mario kart? Although I don't have the consoles to play them...
  9. Usually safari, wearing an Indiana Jones hat! Haha, kidding about the hat. There are some rare occasions when I open opera, if the website is somewhat buggy... Or to check if the page looks different somehow. And even rarer, I use Firefox when I need to access something that the website only offers for a different OS, Firefox has a menu to trick the server into believing you are not a Macintosh.
  10. Well, everyone knows that she only had all the security because of Jonny. Also, by describing so precisely all the security personnel and their roles, he proves he was studying the possibility of... Well, studying some plans is enough here.
  11. For his past posts, I think he might be just screaming and shouting for the whole world, not just for her...
  12. I would hug her for about a minute, saying "Thank you for entertaining so many evenings of my life, with so many magical stuff".And by magical stuff I mean hilarious tv interviews, movies with a lesson in the end... Yeah well, of course Harry Potter included. And I think I would end up being the not-so-close brother that is always there for her on her most desperate times, that's what usually happen between me and persons I start to hang out with. Btw, I like you already, Thessalie! =)
  13. OMG, someone should ban her ip addresses from ever signing up for the forum, just to protect her from Jonny! Hahaha, this forum is epic!!!
  14. Omg, I'm officially worried for her life now! Look at the last picture... http://www.buzzfeed.com/emilyhennen/emma-watsons-graduation-pal-was-actually-an-undercover-bodyg?bffb&s=mobile
  15. I'm not sure, people say I'm kind of a strange person, I doubt I have the merits to be friend with her (not even thinking about brother lol), and I wouldn't want to screw her life either...
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