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  1. If I spell my name as my parents named me it's just the name of a flower. Now it's line in Spanish . No one seem to be really sure of what Maria means though. Rebellious, something with the sea, loved, strong, gracious, sorrow, mistress, etc. I don't really know.
  2. Thank you =) My favourite poems are by Sappho who lived on the island Lesbos around 600 BC. They haven't find a complete poem, only fragments. No one really knows much about her, but her poems are filled with love and some call her the first love poet. I use to read the fragments in Swedish. I love the feeling in them, but I haven't find it in the English translations yet ** What country maiden charms thy heart, However fair, however sweet, Who has not learned by gracious Art To draw her dress around her feet? ** By the cool water the breeze murmurs, rustling Through apple branches,
  3. I don't really write poems, these are just some of the latest I've written, but poetry is not my thing. And I'm not a translator either, all of these are written in Swedish originally a little thought You fill me up I can't think, you're in my head You're in my ears, I can't hear You want me to shut my mouth but I can't! You fill me up. I can't meet your requirement. me against the world It was raining The World and I drank tea But the World wanted coffee. The World looked at me I drank in silence The World said nothing We both knew where we were going "You and I don't belong toge
  4. I just started watching it, we have seen 7 episodes. I can't say it's good. The story is weak, the characters are kind of pale. I can't feel with anyone yet, and I think that I should start doing it after 7 episodes. I hate Damon, I think Elena is just like Meredith Grey from Grey's anatomy - terribly annoying and vacillating (is that a word?) The best characters are the little ones, Catherine, Matt, Bonnie and Vicki. But still, I'm stuck. I want to watch more of it. Hate being obsessed with tv-shows.
  5. Orust is known for being Sweden's third largest island ... mm I really don't know. Our shipyards Hallberg-Rassy and Najad (before they want in bankruptcy at least) The old fishing communities I guess.
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