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  1. Bit of a rubbish example, who is this woman? even IMDB didn't seem to know. Emma is known by Millions EVERYWHERE. She gets asked the same question a thousand times, I bet this woman has never had that problem. Why does Emma have to be captured on video to anwser fans questions? what is wrong with a simple typed up Q&A - does it really make a difference? an answer is an answer.
  2. I would never tell of anything private I know about Emma, because then it wouldn't be private (and I certainly am not the type to tell). I certainly would not want the world to know about my private business, so why should Emma be any different? Just because she is famous it does not give us the right to know every single detail about her. Btw this doesn't mean I know a deep dark secret about her, I honestly don't know of anything bad. I much prefer that Emma keeps her life out of the media as much as she can -it adds more mystery and therefore is more interesting. Celebrities that do reali
  3. Being her boyfriend is not a "job", she is human with real feelings you know.
  4. I rarely dress up for the theatre, matinee or not. I usually wear my jeans and trainers it's no big deal anymore - theatre's sort of reinvented themselves to welcome the casual passer-byer because they needed to make more money and so got rid of the stiff dress smart code they used to have. It's had great effect, theatre sales have rocketed since.
  5. The rolleyes emoticon on here just doesn't quite do this justice, it's not rolleyesey enough. But here it is anyway.
  6. I'm sure you too would just look really happy when just going to the shops with your boyfriend/girlfriend and being papped for doing so. There ARE happy pictures anyway, you have just chosen to show the ones where they are not smiling. If they are not happy together i'm sure they would seperate. It's not really any of our business anyways.
  7. They probably tag them because they want to be credited with their "find". If they are tagged then other websites kind of feel they have to link back to Emma Watson Daily as the credit as to where they found the image - so this gets more hits to the website of Emma Watson Daily (and hence more people find out about the website). They won't be 'exclusive' in respect that they have come straight from the photographers - photographers will rarely just "give" their work to a website - especially a fansite. These no doubt will be from one of those picture agencies that cost money to gain images
  8. Couldn't agree more, the film is fantastic, reminds me a little of the Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles era of John Hughes. The cast are fantastic, great chemistry. Emma proves she definitely has a great career ahead of her as indeed does Ezra Miller and probably too Logan Lerman. I feel the tone of the book is more depressing than the tone of the film, no bad thing of course. Obviously parts of the book have had to be cut (e.g: Candace's big storyline). I like Logan, but just feel he cannot quite project the pain that Charlie feels. But as I say the film is slightly more light hearted th
  9. Thanks glad SOME people appreciate it It's very difficult being an official source, we can't just add any picture that you see on fan sites, because we have to get the rights to it before we can post it (which often takes time). This is why we usually only post 1 or 2 pictures from premiere's and events like that. It's easier for us to get magazine pictures, as the magazines that it features in likes the extra publicity. As i said, would love to get more questions done with Emma soon, but as MOST of you know she is really busy at the moment.
  10. It's not over. Emma has been really busy filming Noah and then doing the promo rounds for Perks, then she is back to Noah. When Emma is back home and has a bit of down time, we will pick this back up.
  11. Your reason for becoming a fan of Emma doesn't make you a "greatest fan" (whatever that is anyway). Everyone here has their own reason for liking Emma, no one reason makes any fan more special than the other.
  12. Thats cool it's a shame you didn't see Emma when you bumped into Sophie. I wonder if this was the 'fan' encounter that led her to to say on Twitter that she still gets shy around people that recognise her.
  13. She isn't asking fans what they want, I am. I am asking because i like to go through ALL ideas that are suggested, but obviously not all of them will be accepted. I really don't know what you want from Emma, contracts for movies are very complicated and i'm sure you are not allowed to descibe through social media what happens on the movie set day to day. For example, what if Emma describes on Twitter a scene that she had filmed that day...and then it gets cut? You will hear about her thoughts and feelings about working on the movie and the actors she is working with when the movie is rel
  14. I still have a big list to go through with her, a lot of what was sent (mainly by Facebook) was either repeated or questions that wouldn't be answered. She is away at the moment, but we should get to ask her more when she is back...so having a good long list to choose from is ideal. Also, it's more suggestions really, i mean some things are still in consideration, but more ideas are always welcome.
  15. I'm stiiill taking questions btw! ...and also there haven't been many suggestions for a while. Feel free to reply here, send me a PM or tweet a message (@jojenkins9) Thanks for your help everyone, it's appreciated.
  16. Like i said before, nothing to do with me, Emma follows who she likes and writes what she likes on Twitter. It's great news! you guys should deffo get the account going again - it's your chance to show her what you got
  17. I'm sure she has read the script.
  18. Emma writes all her own Twitter stuff. No, your right in that Emma does not "write" her answer. This is because as far as these questions are concerned, we ASK Emma and she answers them (as in verbally). We then write down the answers (obviously editing out "erm's" and any off topic chat that may pop up with the answer - but the answer that you read is Emma's answer to the question.
  19. Darren Aronofsky is not really known for making "cheesey" films, more 'dark' and 'twisted' I would say. Obviously it remains to be seen what the end product will look like, but I for one am excited. I wasn't at all excited about Gladiator when I saw the trailer for that, but having watched the movie - i love it. From Russell Crowe's point, lets hope it's more Gladiator and less Robin Hood
  20. The fake 'comical' twitter account for the Queen is quite well known over here, everyone knows it is not the real Queen - but its very popular, my husband is also a follower oh and... Emma DOES have a great sense of humour.
  21. Exactly. We are all sick of (the Daily Mail in particular) always putting "What would Hermione say?" whenever they write an article about Emma. So this question was re-worded to poke fun at people like that - they really need to get a grip and realise that Emma is Emma and Hermione ISN'T A REAL PERSON.
  22. Not sure about that, she is really focused on being an actress right now and wants to be taken seriously...so is really slowing down on the fashion stuff. Who knows what will happen in future years though, you can never write it off completely.
  23. Yep, i originally took them down for her Website, but it was decided that they would also appear on her Facebook page.
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