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  1. So it's all okay for the US government to go around air striking the locations of supposed terrorists, causing a great deal of collateral damage and killing civilians in the process, and it's okay for the CIA and MI6 to go around torturing prisoners that are being held WITHOUT trial, and it's okay for the governments to spy on civilians but it's suddenly "wrong" that WikiLeaks to publish leaked documents on US air strikes?
  2. In my opinion, he should be allowed out of the UK. The last thing the government here want to do is screw up diplomatic/economic relations with South America, they've caused enough trouble and they know it, so I think, eventually they will have to cave into giving Assange a safe passage out of the UK. If they do not however, the consequences for the British economy could be huge, potentially, we could lose vital trading with South America. I think that what Assange has done with WikiLeaks is a very brave thing and it is for the greater good, governments hide things that they don't want to b
  3. So, Ecuador have granted Julian Assange's request for political asylum, much to the outrage of the British and Swedish authorities. Assange is wanted in Sweden for questioning over allegations of sexual assault made by 2 former WikiLeaks volunteers, but Assange believes that if he is extradited to Sweden on the basis of the sexual assault charges, that he will be further extradited to the US where he could face prosecution over WikiLeaks and he could ultimately face the death sentence. Although Assange has been granted asylum, he still has to travel through UK territory to reach an airport, an
  4. Hunting for Witches by Bloc Party I was sitting, on the roof of my house With a shotgun And a six pack of beers,six pack of beers,six pack of beers. The newscaster says, "The enemy is among us" As bombs explode on the 30 bus, Kill your middle class indecision, Now is not the time for liberal thought, So I go hunting for witches I go hunting for witches Heads are going to roll I go hunting for.. 90's,Optimistic as a teen. Now its terror airplanes crash into towers, into towers, into towers. The Daily Mail says the enemies among us, Taking our women and taking our jobs, All reasonable th
  5. The BBC coverage of the Olympics was fantastic, it was back-to-back on most BBC channels everyday! And they always showed the medal ceremonies no matter who won it, but I suppose we were the host nation so good television coverage was a MUST!
  6. Everyone's looking good, as usual! Recently got back from France (again!), but this time I went with my family, here's a few pics! Me and my bro! Just chilling out in Cannes Me and my bro getting ready to go parasailing! (The sun was in our eyes ) This was after the parasailing when we landed in the water At some viewpoint in Nice Me and my bro once again! In Place Massena in Nice and finally; All the family on the last night of the holiday!
  7. Just got back from my school's French trip, here's a few pics of moi: Me on the Arc de Triomphe with the Eiffel Tower in the background! I didn't know that someone was taking a picture, thus explaining the very weird mid-speech facial expression and finally: Me, quite literally, chilling on the deck of the ferry in rain and wind!
  8. I'm in France for a lot of the Olympics and am not attending them. But I am off to the Paralympics Athletics finals on the 7th of September, really looking forward to it!!
  9. Pic of me and a couple of my mates after County rugby trials, spot me (Oh, and by the way, in case you were wondering, we weren't feeling very photogenic after 2+ hours of shattering rugby)
  10. Windows Error Remix [10 Hours ] and yes, i know, i have no life
  11. @ Jeremy: Believe it or not, I'm not actually going out with her
  12. Back off Kimmeh, I need them for heavy basslines
  13. Ardi, you look high in that (Oh, and I'll be taking those Beats thank you very much )
  14. I didn't get much choice in the matter, the girls attacked me with the colour spray stuff...I didn't exactly put up much resistance though
  15. We are just a small state in Europe, no one gives a toss about the UK, the rest of Europe must think we're a joke, we have literally NO say in what happens in the world, we're not some massive empire anymore. I say we let the queen finish her reign and then we stop with the royal family. And you said about the Armed Forces, of course we'd have the Armed Forces without a monarchy! The French revolted and got rid of their monarchy, they have some of the most advanced technology in their Armed Forces. The monarchy are nothing to be proud of, the way we treated our overseas territories in the empi
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