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  1. I remember starting this thread waaay back when in one of the older versions of these forums and there were a lot of supporters, so did any of you guys ever ship Harry and Luna? After I finished OotP I personally couldn't get enough of them and hoped they'd be endgame
  2. I don't recognise anyone anymore wow this is the tragic result of only coming back to say hi like once every two years, you're all very pretty though
  3. wow this thread was buried deep, what happened man things used to be kickin'
  4. What up guys? (She returns to the forums for another short moment, until she inevitably forgets they exist again...)
  5. I once discussed Home & Away with Heba...but other than that yeah this topic is designed to be off topic.
  6. It's from a music video. (Trouble Maker, go listen to it.)
  7. Tumblr is kind of the reason I'm a stranger to these forums now, oops. Doubt anyone but Dax and Kim remember me now. But anyway http://twelve-jammy-badgers.tumblr.com
  8. Doing that thing where I show up every six months or so and say hi and then no one's online so I leave and go back to Tumblr and forget for another six months. Remember 2005 when these forums shaped my life? D: Edit: Oh wow, I've only made 9 posts since the last time the forums rebooted. I'm a newbie
  9. Using these emotes is kinda weird, I wanna write things like jiji 'cause that's how we've talked on msn for the past...three years
  10. Horrible But eh surely it will get better^^ Your sig is so trippy :| did you make it?
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