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  1. I like this name, but to the child I will choose other name.
  2. Hi all. With boredom has decided to add the photos)
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-ElCv8kFpA Excuse without transfer) To look without transfer funny)))
  4. What to solve problems of Russia there will be no all money of the world... Well it figuratively being expressed. The mentality at us such, all oligarchs not including can be Abramovich earn at strategic factories and deposits on extraction of raw materials much but not how many don't put in manufacture and extraction of crude oil. If it wasn't, all lived fairly that there can be Russia for a long time already would become the strongest the state on the Earth. America and the European Union don't want to see strong Russia, you like to see Russia as a raw appendage more. 130671, Who has told
  5. It is tradition, 66 years are spent victory parade. This victory means for citizens of Russia and the CIS much. You at all don't represent on what a victim there would be veterans that will release the country and the countries grasped by fascists. Victory parade is a tribute to veterans of the Second World War. And you think only of money.
  6. Victory Day - a gray hair holiday Our great-grandfathers, grandfathers and who is more younger. Even those who didn't see war - But its wing had been touched everyone, - We congratulate on a Victory Day! This day - for the whole world important I congratulate all on a Victory Day over fascist aggressors. They wanted to win the whole world, but our grandfathers and great-grandfathers haven't allowed to them it to make, endowing the lives they have stopped fascist акупантов. They have presented to us life. Parade of a victory 2011 in Moscow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6L3Y6B-TXm
  7. With it is left "so have shown to us" From the right "so have shown to you" On the center "that that was actually"
  8. 9 company is a feature film on the basis of real events. Actually this operation shown in a film, actually became one of the most successful operations for all Afghani company... 3 persons were lost if I am not mistaken.
  9. It is impossible to name traditions of another's country silly with what these traditions wouldn't be... The soldier comes into the house to Pashtun. At it on a visit and the owner will feed and give to drink to soldiers its tea as native. But it is necessary to the soldier to cross a kishlak threshold, the owner which 5 minutes ago gave to drink its tea will shoot to it at a back. p.s. For all history nobody managed to win Afghanistan.
  10. sirbenedictvs, well, on the basis of that you do the conclusions?
  11. SomeBloke, What source of the information? You participate in bombardment of Libya? Your friend or a member of a family participate in this military operation? Whence you receive real news? News Google!?))))) Mass media don't have belief... And on the Internet of belief isn't present.
  12. http://cs1583.vkontakte.ru/u25697050/96817439/x_6cf9575e.jpg
  13. Our conversation comes back to same)))
  14. Own speznaz now in Libya as aren't present that. Who will release journalists?
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