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  1. I guess neither Emma/Rupert is interested in the planet. Yes, he did write a good speech.
  2. Since Emma and Rupert are in NYC at this time, they might both want to check out the People's Climate March Sept 21 starts @ 10:30 am in Central Park West between 65th and 86th streets. Also marching will be Cook Organic, Not the Planet with Vandana Shiva, an expert Indian activist and anti-globalist.
  3. Well Dook, we'll just have to agree to disagree. I've seen too many charities ie. Susan Koman and United Way, get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. By the time everybody in these organizations get paid, there's not much left for the original intent of the funding. They get about 15% of the funding. Sad but true.
  4. I'm glad she didn't. This is another scam by big pharma to get big $$$$. Where is all this $$$ going? If they ever got the "cures" for all these diseases, the $$$$ would stop rolling in and all the publicity. It's a huge sheeple thing to see how people take orders and will do things. It's like a simon-says game to see how much control they have over people. How is dumping a cold bucket of water over your head, going to "cure" ALS???
  5. I think she'll have to rely on her past work with People Tree and meld it with her UN work. She did get to talk with lots of women in Bangladesh and Nepal, so she can use her past knowledge as a stepping stone. As I stated previously, both men and women just want to make their own decisions and be happy. She should have a long talk with these women, and ask the most basic ?----what makes you happy, and work from that point. We're all on this planet to be happy and good stewards of Mother Earth. Elena, you're correct---we'll have to give her time and wait and see. Maybe she'll make this project
  6. Not too thrilled with the UN as they're allowing Monsanto and all these corrupt corporations into all these countries via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Bros Foundation and the Koch Bros. In other words--the oligarchies. They create dependence instead of independence, and that's how they gain control. IMO, Emma should have stuck it out with People Tree, but I guess she didn't care for the style of the clothes and lost interest in it. That's how you help the women get out of poverty--with fair trade and letting women think for themselves and be creative. People around th
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!!! May you have a year filled with love, peace, harmony, joy, gratitude and old soul dreams come true.
  8. Wow.....I don't think Rupert will be buying a Mazda. http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/mazda-recalling-cars-spiders-damage-23196442
  9. Great pics Lumos---keep 'em coming!! That last one-Rupert looks like he's going to pass out, he's so overwhelmed with her beauty. It's great that Emma is certified to teach yoga and I think the old soul will love doing this. She wants peace and quiet and meditation is the best way. Also, she wants to try theatre (maybe with the GRINt). It would be great if they could find a good rom/com script for stage. These future plans sound like a good path for the old soul and child to take and would make both happy.
  10. Now let me correct you, berrytea. I never said they were getting married in June, but YOU DID. I answered you with BINGO! to stop you from wasting this thread on such a trivial matter. How you arrived at JUNE = June wedding is beyond me. What it meant is that once she graduates on May 25, the old soul can finally see light at the end of the tunnel, and can see her wish fulfilled. I also answered Hint:think old soul. As to when they'll get married, why don't you consult your astrological mapping charts that the astrologers use, you know, the ones you kept posting re:their houses, and find ou
  11. Lumos & Trixie--naughty girls--hehe The 2 recent interviews Emma gave are a great example of the old soul vs the child. The Canberra News interview was the old soul. She said that she graduates in May, and will walk through the gates and be a Brown graduate. The old soul sees a rainbow and fulfillment of a promise she made to her parents. She then said she's going to have a big party afterwards. The child on the other hand, gave the Elle interview, and she said after she graduates, she's going to have a big party---and get drunk!! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!! Also the old soul mentioned that she
  12. Jon--AWESOME!!!!! ......and what a beautiful house they have!!! The sun is rising and shining on both of them.
  13. Berrytea:I stand corrected. I checked with my astrologer friend and he said Jupiter enters her 4th house June 21 (better yet), which is family, marriage and home. This should please both old soul and child!! He said April 27 Jupiter enters her 10th house of career (maybe she'll go on stage)!! Jupiter in Leo on July 16 and her 11th house Oct 4- (hopes and wishes)--old soul. Interesting rising sign is Virgo-shows great intellect. Moon sign:Sagittarius:Positive is optimistic and negative is impulsive and doesn't give care to actions and makes them vulnerable to adversaries. Has a dual person
  14. Botoxicons--- Btw, it looks like Goldie Hawn had plastic surgery AFTER she did First Wives Club. I hope Kate Hudson takes a good look at her mom, and would think twice re:plastic surgery. Here's some celebrities that are saying NO WAY to plastic surgery: http://shine.yahoo.com/shine-beauty/8-celebs-said-no-plastic-surgery-still-look-174100193.html
  15. Hey Lumos---I second the sisterly love!!! It's amazing how they have the same looks. In the Universe, there's no such thing as a coincidence, so their facial expressions, even tho in different places and at different times, really say a lot about how much in harmony their bodies are with each other. Their thoughts and BL just mirror each other, and as Kris has said, they really do complete each other. Like her astrological chart states, she needs someone on "equal footing", and Rupes is just that guy. They have both journeyed down the same path re:fame, and nobody they ever meet or will m
  16. Nahhh....now this is BOTOXED!!!! This is Kim Novak an old actress. Below is what she used to look like!!! It's not nice to mess with mother nature.
  17. Yea, I did notice she was kinda teary-eyed during the memoriam montage. She worked with both Richard Griffiths and Stephanie McMillan since she was 9. What I did miss last night was a musical number. Ellen was ok, but it reminded me a lot of her daily TV show--she interacts with the audience all the time. I loved Seth MacFarlane last year--talented/funny/cute. I loved when he/Dan did that dance routine last year. He also has a great voice!! Another great emcee was Billy Crystal.
  18. This dress was ok on her--the design is typical Vera Wang. Her skirt looked similar to Glenn Close's. Btw, Emma was one of the few that is still wearing red lipstick. She needs to go neutral. I think Emma's best and most beautiful look was the London premiere. She nailed that look--the Dior dress, the neutral makeup, the hair--PERFECT!!! My favorite last night--Cate Blanchett--knocked it out of the park!!! Her makeup/dress was stellar. Glad she won best actress!!! Emma's dress was similar to Naomi Watts---same style but white. I liked her necklace. She was also a presenter, and I think I hea
  19. I think that Cate Blanchett will win best actress and have the winning dress---she always does--my favorite was that yellow/maroon sashed dress she wore a few years back. The color combination sounds awful, but this dress was really beautiful. I hope the old soul holds up tonight and enjoys herself. Remember, the old lady is getting tired of the red carpet.
  20. http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/2014/2/26/rupert-grint-talks-acting-on-stage-and-ronhermione Here's Rupes reply to the R/Hr debate. He said it's done unless JKR does a remake.
  21. Berrytea:BINGO!!! OK, it looks like Emma is dressing her Rupes. Congrats to the trio on all their awards!! Maybe Emma will join Rupert/Dan and start doing some plays on the West End.
  22. This might just be the right project for Emma to try producing as she'll be working alongside David Heyman. I think Emma likes to work with familiar faces. I've been saying all along that Emma, Rupert, Dan, Tom, Matt, Bonnie, Evanna, James & Oliver should start their own production company--like a co-op--they would all have equal ownership and work together. They've all worked together for about 10 yrs, so they know their strengths and weaknesses. I know that Bonnie has already done a screen adaptation called The Sea. I think either Cuaron or Yates should direct this movie. Again, sh
  23. The other night I was changing channels, and came across the Bafta's. I heard Stephen Fry, the host say, "And here's a beautiful actress, who was in HP and soon to be released Noah (and boy could we use an ark--he was referring to all the flooding in UK). I thought Emma was going to be a presenter, but then out walks Helen McCrory. I didn't know she was going to be in Noah. She must have a small part. Also, at the end of the show, Stephen Fry said that there were great stories nominated this year, but we would like you the viewers, the one's who go to the movies, to come up with great books
  24. Beautiful and perfect!!!! I love this style dress on her and also the upswept hairdo. Her old soul really shines through here.
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