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  1. Ummmm....so you think she's only interested in fame and fortune? I'm talking about her being a good role model for little kids/teens and working with the environment. She would be great helping kids to learn to become ecologically aware, because she's familiar to them, and they've seen her grow up. She lives green-practices what she preaches. She gives her dresses that she wears to premieres to her friends/resale shops, and her favorite dress was the dark blue 1920's vintage dress she got at a resale shop. I think she wore it to the HBP premiere. She's on the pedestal, that she deserves,
  2. IMO all the movie roles she's been doing post Potter, have been to teach her lessons--in MWWM, she learned about the American tragedy that was Marilyn Monroe. She learned how lonely and used MM really was and couple that with drugs/alcohol, she learned how nasty and evil Hollywood is. In Perks, she learned about American high schools, and how awkward/lonely those years can be. She saw first hand how the American school system is and all the expectations that go hand in hand with growing up in the US. (Brown is also teaching her the American college system). The Bling Ring she saw first ha
  3. Weasley's magical car is the Ford Anglia--which Rupert bought--and is loaning it to the exhibit. That's really cool!!
  4. Lumos--is that a recent pic of Rupert? That one of Emma was just taken at the airport last week.
  5. This really looks spectacular!!! I can't wait to get over there and see it. I really loved the HP sets/props show when it came to Chicago a few years ago. While I was looking at Remus' suit on display, this British guy asked if I was done looking at it. I said yes, and then asked why. He said they had to overnight it for filming the next day--Bill/Fleurs wedding scene. LOL!!! On a sad note, every time we look at these sets, we will remember the brilliance and creativity of the late Stephenie McMillian, who passed in Aug. She along with Stuart Craig, created this wizarding world that jus
  6. I dunno--this sign kinda creeps me out!!!
  7. Yea, now if they would just do that romantic comedy TOGETHER!! Remember at the opening of Leavesden, when Yates was really excited about working with Emma again? He also said he wants to work with all 3 of them again. So why doesn't he direct both R/E in a romantic comedy??? Maybe Dan could be in it too.
  8. Our "Forever Fashionista" strikes again---beautiful.
  9. Kudos to Emma!!! I've always said that she would be a great activist--and here she is!!! Her fans--especially the little kids/teens, admire and respect her, so it's easy for her to relate her message to all of her fans and admirers. All the experience she's had with People Tree doesn't hurt either. I love the way she shops at resale shops, and gives her designer clothes to friends and charity. A great and refreshing role model. WAY TO GO EMMA!!!
  10. I'm glad to see she's meditating and practicing yoga. This is great to keep one centered/balanced/focused. She looks beautiful as always---a real natural beauty!!
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY--GINGER DUDE!!! Hope all your wishes come true for love, laughter and fun!!!!
  12. Silence is golden with these two. I'm sure they had a quiet and fun summer together. Remember what Emma said:"Be patient"
  13. They never look as happy, as when they're together!!
  14. Ummmm...yes there is actual legitimate evidence that GMO's are dangerous to the planet/humans. It destroys the soil so nothing else will grow, needs pesticides--can you say Roundup and now they want to use Agent Orange (the same chemical that was sprayed in the jungles of Viet Nam, causing millions of troops/civilians sickness/death). Ask any Viet Nam vet what they think of Agent Orange!!! We now have SUPERWEEDS, that are resistant to Roundup, which is causing farmers all over the country to develop cancers---one in particular is prostate. Monsanto IS the government now, so of course its al
  15. Hot off the press!! -Here's Rupert Sunday 06/30 @ British F1 Grand Prix. He was there with his dad/bro. LOOKING GOOD!! Deeply Inside
  16. Jon, you raise some good points re:Dan. I think that the fact that he's an only child is why he seemed so distant with all the other kids on set. When you're an only child, your best friends are your parents. The parents look on the only child as an equal, with whom they can have adult conversations. Look at Emma, Rupert, Tom, Bonnie--they all have siblings, and are used to having many brothers/sisters to go to. Dan only has his parents. That's why he hung around Gary Oldham and the older cast members. He just probably felt he didn't fit in with the other kids. I have several friends tha
  17. Incredible!!! 2 goals in 17 seconds!!!! Way to go!!!!!! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/25/stanley-cup-finals-photos-blackhawks-bruins_n_3493939.html Congrats Chicago B L A C K H A W K S!!!!!! STANLEY CUP CHAMPS 2013!!!!!
  18. Did anybody get any pics of Emma in Scotland promoting BR?? Was it this weekend??
  19. Yea, that's my mine too--(the preggers interviewer)!! That poor lady will forever be known as the "Preggers British Reporter"!! Loved her surprised response, "A pig"!!! I dunno, I can't wait until Emma gets that unicycle, then Rupert can teach her to ride and she can help him with his ping pong game.
  20. Trixie-do you have the youtube of this? There weren't many photos/videos of the NY premiere. I was really mad when I saw how NY handled the last premiere. Do you remember before they showed the movie, Tom, Matt and Alan Rickman were standing next to each other, and they had Dan, Emma and Rupert say a few words. After Rupert finished, he handed the mic over to Tom, and at that point, this guy says, "Well start the movie now", and Tom, Matt and Alan never got a chance to speak. I personally would have loved to hear what they had to say, and I thought that was just plain rude. It looked to me li
  21. Welcome aboard Grintsonforever. Always great to add to our ship. We look at this ship as being both optimistic and patient. Btw, here's something I've been forgetting to mention. Wouldn't you love to see R/E on an ancestry show like "Who do you think you are"? JKR was on this show last year, and traced her roots back to France. It would give R/E a chance to investigate the Berridges(Grints)/Bonsors(Watsons) from Kilworth. If they don't want to do a show, it would be great if they would just go on their own, and investigate for themselves. Just a thought.
  22. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/11/perks-of-being-a-wallflower-glen-ellyn_n_3421967.html Ok, so this is one of the dumbest things I've seen. Apparently, the school board of Glen Ellyn IL (a suburb of Chicago) banned Perks as parents objected to the "sexual content" of the book. Thanks to author Judy Blume, the books have been reinstated. Good to see Orwell's predictions are alive and well.
  23. Yes Lumos--she's kidding you!! LOL!!!
  24. Hey Jon, maybe in the next films---"Leave it to the Weasleys'". The basic foundation of Emmaese is talking in SECRET CODE and "The less you reveal, the more people will wonder"!! Actually she's starting to reveal more in all her interviews. Shippers it may be earlier like around Christmas!!!
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