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    I love reading, writing and watching movies

    I'm a fan of harry potter, ghost whisperer, Gilmore Girls, jessica Simpson and i love cooking any recipe by Nigella lawson lol
  1. Agree totally could fun without having to think too much!! Im glad she made this movie shows she has a great sense of humour!!
  2. I always see movies alone doesnt bother me one bit!! I have a son so when my hubby asks if I want some time off I'm practically running for the cinema before he has finished the sentence lol. So there is nothing creepy about it no one gives two hoots if you're alone!
  3. She looks lovely! I think the dress is cool I'm loving her make up look here neautral with the colourful lips.
  4. I haven't been on In a while so I can't wait to get my hands on a coy now this week!
  5. I stopped watching after season 2. do you guys think season 3 is good should i try again??
  6. Just downloading it now to have a peak i'm not a fan on lindsay lohan though
  7. My son and husband have gone away for the night :happydance: I've just pulled on my onesie and have gone to bed with macaroons and tea, i may even watch a Tom Hardy movie
  8. Lol this post has gone from scary to the funniest post ever I think I'm falling in love with the forum!
  9. Happy thanksgiving to all i'm a bit late with this but i hope you all had a lovely day
  10. clarabelle

    Songs A-Z

    All you need is love the beatles
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