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  1. Reminiscing about the time I spent here.
  2. I've noticed that I have not been dreaming much recently.... namely because my slumber involves intoxication.
  3. I found a store near me that sells siopao... needless to say my fridge is stocked to the top with them!
  4. Just sent a letter to be mailed to a very good friend abroad. Quite a long one too...
  5. Having a dark beer at the pub... not doing what I'm supposed to do.
  6. What usually happens whenever I want to have q night to myself at home: a friend calls me up and wants to have a beer. So I'm at the pub again... Having a Guinness.
  7. A cup of coffee and a cigarette after breakfast. I know what you mean but it seems that more and more people say that they "smoke only when they drink" or are "social smokers". A habit is a habit; addiction is a different story but there are tell-tale signs even when someone says they're not addicted.
  8. Robin Hood (2010) I actually quite liked it contrary to what I was told.
  9. ^_- I'm not going to say a word. ----- As much as I didn't want to, I'm finishing up my rather productive Sunday at my usual pub. On my laptop here as well figuring out possibly working abroad.
  10. Just got off a 4am shift at my 2nd job. About to try to enjoy the rest of my "day off".
  11. The Midnight Q


    Extremely stressed out.
  12. In bed having a beer after a night of cleaning and rearranging my furniture.
  13. Some steaks, mushrooms, and a six-pack of Newcastle beer.
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