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  1. I'll be honest, I've never really heard of thai boxing. Only regular boxing and kickboxing. =/

  2. I'm thinking about taking boxing classes, by the way. It seems like a fun class and good for self defense.

  3. Hey, sorry, my power nap took longer than expected. I guess my body was really tired. =/ What about you, do you enjoy exercising or working out?

  4. Well that doesn't sound too bad; I guess we all adjust to changes. Now I am; I haven't gone to a gym in over 2 months, but now I'm back. I started last week and I'm gonna try going at the most 5 times a day. I feel like my muscles are loose... :/

  5. I exercised too much this morning (2 hours and 30 mins) I'm sure my muscles are gonna hurt like heck by tomorrow. Might take a power nap in a few moments. . . o__O

  6. Hehe, I think we would all love a promotion. Been working with the same company for almost 2 years, but haven't gotten one. It's a car dealership and if the store doesn't make enough $ then they can't raise the pay *sigh* What's so uncomfortable about the new room?

  7. Good afternoon! =D Oh did you get a promotion or something? Packing and then unpacking is so annoying. But it helps us with exercise. =/

  8. Why thank you, I'm sure I'll kick the habit. Even tried Melatonin, but it's not working. Been busy this week?

  9. That is crazy. =D So how are you enjoying your new job?

  10. Wow! She's tall ENOUGH to start modeling, especially at her young age. o__O

  11. o__O Oh my, you are wayyy taller than me. I'm only 5'3 and I'm older than you by a year, haha. Well I shouldn't act surprised; there seems to be taller girls especially in this age and generation. No joke, it seems the girls are getting taller than the guys.

  12. You *might* kill me for this (though it's meant as a compliment) but I thought you were between the ages of 12-15. XD

  13. Oh absolutely, that's really good. I can't remember if I asked you this before, but how old are you? You seem so young from your pics.

  14. Woohoo! Congrats, Sarah. And make that money! =D

  15. How's my little penguin today?! XD I'm totally hyper; just had a mug of caramel coffee (yum!) and I'm jumping off the walls, haha. I'm getting ready for work in a few. =(

  16. Holy cow, yes! We need to keep up with her then...let's get more kids! =D

  17. You're certainly right--especially when we have children to raise. :o

  18. Added you to my sig, by the way

  19. Already did ;) Love the ring! =D

  20. Likewise. =) I know I'm not online as often. =/

  21. Thanks for the friendly add =)

  22. Hey, congrats on your pregnant sister! Will this be your first time being an aunt?

  23. Thanks for the friendly add, Chris. :}

  24. Ah, bueno en ese caso deberias ir a un restaurante para primero probarlo y si luego te gusta, lo puedes tratar en tu casa (bueno, cuando tengas tiempo, chica) ;)

  25. Hey, that's pretty awesome! Babysitting kids can be a piece of cake, but not too many of them 'cause there can be conflict between the children. Plus, it's a good way to earn money--especially if the parent is single, or both folks are working full time. =D

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