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  1. So pretty awh, she's absolutely glowing <3 Also what an amazing jacket, anyone knows where I can purchases one? I've found one that resembles this style of jackets, but it's not leather.
  2. ^Sorry, the picture won't load at all.
  3. I Am Not Purple Mostly because he's my fave person online ever. I'd prolly be spending the entire day poking him Maybe playing some footy too? Also Jade, Mrs Pumpkinhead and Slash! <3 We could spend an entire day talking about anime and fandoms Aaaaand Demo, Tommy and little Chris! I'm not sure what we could talk about but I'd love to spend some time with them doing nothing in particular I guess! I feel bad mentioning a couple of names only, I don't want to leave any one out. I'd really REALLY like to meet everyone on here, literally! I think we could talk about all kinds of things a
  4. Browsing the net and looking at some home decor pictures and DIY projects.
  5. Τhe yummiest freddo cappuccino ever and a bunch of hand sanitizers.
  6. I'd go with Larry because as Jack Sparrow said: "You know, for all that pirates are clever clogs, we are an unimaginative lot when it comes to naming things."
  7. laptop TV series or Movies?
  8. I don't have any, sorry. Show me happiness.
  9. Victoria's secret - Sonata Arctica
  10. Not afraid really, no. Disgusted more, and not towards all of them. Is a bad driver?
  11. Outside it smells like raw fish and I really think I'm gonna be sick.
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