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  1. Nothing so far, but the idea of a yummy lunch does.
  2. OMG EZRA WHAT. WHERE ARE YOU GUYS WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS! Do you remember when Marlene had tweeted stuff like there are small clues from season 1 that were important already and could point to A and stuff? LOL I don't think it's a coincidence, directors check backgrounds pretty thoroughly but ugh The only sane person left, you had to involve him too, didn't you? Ugh. At this moment I think the entire town is working for A except for the girls. I mean seriously it's getting tiring. But I don't know with so many twists and turns we've experienced it wouldn’t surprise me if it was
  3. Playing Marvel on facebook and trying not to die from the heat >.>
  4. Thorin's plushie..which actually looks nothing like Thorin
  5. Re-arranged both of my closets and now drinking some iced green tea.
  6. I had no idea. I love crime novels! Not too keen on the description to be honest, but I'll definitely give it a go once I get my hands on it.
  7. Hannah, I'm sorry baby I love you, but you're stupid. I was almost certain from the moment she actually touched the gun with her bare hands- fingerprints much- that she would get caught. Wanna see how she's gonna justify that >.< Nice slow-paced episode overall.
  8. Loads of mountain tea, a cheese pie, hair foam, 2 nail polishes.
  9. So much I've been expecting, and all we got is a freaking pig. Nice episode, I feel a bit apathetic towards it, but still nice. Do you guys think that Mona is legit? Same old question Spoby though <3 My babies <3
  10. Feeling so hopeful, can't determine if it's actually good or bad. >.>
  11. It's a universal truth that when you're a child you wanna be an adult and when you're an adult (most of the people--not me) wanna go back to those carefree years of being a child. As for me I believe that being a teenager is x10 more difficult than being an adult. You deal with so many things unknown to you. Freaking hormones, you don't know yourself yet, you feel like you don't fit in, so many things you want to do and so many restrictions. Granted you're not as responsible as an adult, but frankly that's one of the best things of being a grown up. Your own work, your own responsibilities, yo
  12. I'm really trying hard to ignore you but you're so freaking annoying arghh get out of my face and get a life.
  13. Finished playing some ps3 and now listening to some music.
  14. Black skirt, bathing suit just the top, a beach bag and DKNY's 'Cashmere Mist'. It's one of the few perfumes which kinda "suits" me if it makes any sense!
  15. I'm having post-episode 9- depression. So many feelings fkhfjkshkfjh. The moment the rains of castamere started playing I think my heart stopped. Sometimes I think about how I'd feel if I hadn't read the books and watched that scene. But then again I remember when I read it. I was like "wait, what just happened" and read it again. Then a piece of me just died. I shouldn't be laughing I knowwww, poor souls: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78juOpTM3tE The Lannisters send their regards omg
  16. Whaaa? I love, love, love it! Of course it's a matter of taste. She can rock that style sooo bad imo, like bold lips and not too much eye make up. And hair up. Loving this hair-style. So classy! And the earrings are awesome! This is perfect overall
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