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  1. It's easier for me to pull an all nighter rather than sleep for just 2 hours I've told you a million times when will you get it already?
  2. Vinyl records anytime Instrumental pieces or songs with lyrics?
  3. I admit I should stop looking at Armitage's photos/videos because it will be the death of me
  4. Lady Deadpool


    Woah I haven't played that game in ages. I don't know half the new members either 130671?
  5. Well, I'm browsing through some extremely fattening yummy food pictures sooo
  6. Pocahontas ost - In the middle of the river
  7. Trying to sleep but it's one of them days. Now watching some Poirot eps and gonna make some coffee in a while.
  8. Happy birthday boss! I wish you all the best
  9. Omg both of the cakes are so amazing! Happy belated birthday Senpaaaaii. I wish you all the best! Have fun and drink loads Be online more, aye!
  10. Agreed. She looks kinda way older in one or two :/ But as others have mentioned already, it is not that bad of a job to be honest, since all they had were some pics and vids. Anyways Emma is so beautiful, that even her wax figure couldn't go wrong.
  11. “It’s a game-changer for our girls and Hanna is the one who will suffer for it the most. She pushed that car in there, with Aria’s help, but Hanna is the resident lobster next season because A is going to chill, kill and grill her.†-Oliver Goldstick to TVGuide.com Oh God Why did Red Coat want them all in the house I'm wondering? She obviously didn’t want to kill them because she saved them from the fire. Maybe there are two? Oh Edit: a theory I just read: "I think Melissa and Jenna were the ones who were supposed to be in the fire and thats why Mona said “You’re making a te
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