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  1. I think we can close this topic.
  2. @Potterfan I'm sure she did not win thanks to your vote xD. She won because lots of people voted on her
  3. I hate coffee,hate tea. Love Hot chocolate.
  4. She can better take the mini cooper.
  5. Indeed most of the people like Emma Watson. But don't have a crush on her.
  6. Haha that's what u think. But enough chit chat this topic can close i think.
  7. Thanks i think ur right. And i hope i will get over her. Because sometimes i say she doesn't even know i exist so why should i?
  8. You have some of the feelings a picture of how Emma Watson should be in reality. Watching her interviews and other things makes something happen inside u lol. I know what i'm doing, and it is a impossible job and it will never happen. Still I have some feelings for Emma Watson and not Hermione Granger or anyone else. I don't care if she is a actress or if she has lots of money. If she was my neighbour and she would be like her i would go after my neighbour!
  9. Haha no i can't. I just search more and more info about Emma Watson knowing how she is. Watching every interview about her and then thinking that she is the one. Our chemistery is 70% the same, some things that she likes i like them to. But it is only just a dream that will never happen!
  10. By how she talks. You can have a little sense about how she is.
  11. Thats a verry good question. I only know Emma of her smartness and how cute she is. Still you get that little feeling that you wanna know her better. I don't know i just have some feelings for her!
  12. Believe me the only thing u are gonna get is a picture of her with thanks. That picture should be on her facebook!
  13. I think i just have to forget Emma. It's hard but yeah we have our own lives and she has her own!
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