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  1. Rickman without a doubt. His acting as Snape is the best.
  2. He is kissing my future wife. If I evervmeet him, I'll kick him in his balls!
  3. She don't look 19 years after at all. Really dissapointing.
  4. How could we know if she is? If she is, it probably is a secret.
  5. Writing an email to DICE (a game developer in Sweden).
  6. Yes. Would you go and cut off your arm (but survive) to meet Emma?
  7. Everyone have right to opinions, but I disagree with Kellys opinion.
  8. Hell yeah! Would you swim in the middle of the atlantic ocean to meet Emma?
  9. No. Im not criminal. And I don't think Emma would meet me if I rob a bank. Would yiu smoke marijuana or something like that to meet Emma?
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