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  1. What kind of backpack do you have? Ihave the original 2001 Harry potter film bacpack in the color red P.S. i got it for 5.99 at a liquidators store it was originally 39.99 in 2001.
  2. everyones been talking about it but it seems there is little being done tell me in your own words what you think should be done to find this innocent little boy.
  3. I will reply when i have more time i promise it looks like a good one i will get to it
  4. Rate my avatar and Profile pic on a scale of 1-10.
  5. were there some scenes in harry potter 7 that was so emotional that made you want to cry? you tell me what scene you found emotional and why.
  6. Okay this is based off of the original and you know what to do i start off by asking something and you awnser it except this time its more extreme than ever so here it goes would you sky dive without a parachute to meet emma?
  7. oh yeah most definately! any hp site i can join would be great
  8. I agree with both of you we do need to get people to relize this and take action before it is to late so what in both of your opinions do you suggest people do? i know what i would do
  9. Year of the Tiger On October 20th. 2011 in Ohio, there was a tragic situation. An individual killed himself and released his whole private zoo into society. 18 unregistered tigers were roaming free in the Ohio countryside and legal authorities were forced to use lethal force to euthanize all of them for public safety. The tragedy in Ohio has brought a great awareness that there is an urgent need to regulate tiger ownership. By making private ownership illegal, there would be 18 less tigers on the endangered species list. The tiger is now one of the many animals on the endangered
  10. i have this cool game called nerf arena blast for the pc and have online servers but cant find anyone to play with if you have it please post or pm me so we can hook up and arrange a date to play hope to see you! (if you have it of course )
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