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  1. Yes she is going to be in it. Source : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1659337/
  2. I have to many, I have one given to me from my old Highschool, black with a laptop slip in it, I have a grey and pink one, I have a tiny blue and black one, I have a basic black one and a black tote style with wheels.
  3. ~*Skittlez*~

    I Hate

    I hate how my dad is mean when he wakes up OI!!!
  4. ~*Skittlez*~

    I Want

    I want something I cannot have at this present moment....
  5. Nothing in my pants HAH!
  6. I feel like sleeping ....zzzZZZzzzZZZzzz
  7. i know some people in New York, i'll let them know to keep an eye out!!
  8. This ones a bit hard, but thats what makes it so fun! YES NAMES CAN BE USED. but must be real names (or ones in books which still count as real) and no 'made up' words, real words please. xanthophyll
  9. I apologize if i am coming off wrong, but it isnt harder for alot of people, for some yes, For me school wasnt harder, I opted for homeschooling, but not because of difficulty in work, but for my issues in the public schools in the area i am in, The students were violent toward me, but as far as studying and acedemic work goes, it went by fairily easy, and all my friend with ADHD are all in the same boat, I am not denying that for some it is difficult but of all the people i have met, they dont have issues with it.
  10. O_O but the forums existed before!! O_O lol just the new ones i guess. well either way WOOT
  11. That is untrue, I have ADHD and I graduated 2 years early. ADHD is worked with in Schools so it isnt more difficult and I know many people with ADHD who graduated from top schools like Harvard.
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