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  1. hmmm, yes, i live swimming would you pla tennis 5 hours without pause to meat Emma?
  2. yes, would you not use computer for 2 month to meet Emma?
  3. yes, because its hamburger and its so unhealthy. Would you steal a dvd from a shop to meet Emma?
  4. yes, if u had time, if i love 4ewer would you watch HP 1 3 times in a row to meet Emma?
  5. But everybody just want a signed picture, there is no important or no important. she wont answer you, hello, thank you for your mail... she havent got time, send it via email, and maybe she will answer. now the Harry Potter is end, i think now you have more chance. me write to her 8 days ago.
  6. yes. would you go to x-factor to meet Emma?
  7. So upload you videos here from youtube. If you link your video here, we will watch it, and you will get more vievs. Please watch and like! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce7allO3yY8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OandGOeEOvg
  8. Maybe yes, but the lights would be turn on on the house. Whould you read book a book 5 hour without stop?
  9. Maybe yes, if i can sleep night and eat and drink.. Would you watch Harry Potter 1-2-3-4 on a row without pause?
  10. yes! would you eat only apple for 1 week and drink water to meet Emma?
  11. For me Michael Bramon is so braver and better actor sorry, Gamboy, i say Bramon against sorry, Gambon
  12. I think from the philospophers stone than snape isnt bad man, and in DH 2, this revealed.
  13. She is my favourite in the Goblet of Fire, Order of Phoenix, and so, i say easier, she is beatiful at all, i cant say where the best.
  14. i know it yet. So, my quetion. Whould you go to Disneyland for to days, and no go to no one ride?
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