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  1. loool i saw that on facebook. i really wonder why the queen never smiles
  2. ok stupid question but did the queen really jump off the helicopter? or was it a stunt double?
  3. so excited Jk rowling was there! i kinda thought the opening to the bejing olympics were better though in my opinion but i thought that mr. bean skit was funny
  4. I thought the film actually turned out good..it wasnt great like the previous batman but i didnt expected it to be. it didnt have that scary feel to it. i also wasnt too fond of anne hathaway playing catwoman but it turned out alright.
  5. thats so cool, i wish i could do that! this sounds like a fun experience and i've always wanted to backpack (mostly in europe thought).
  6. Rena

    Linkin Park

    i loveee linkin park, there was a time where i was obsessed with them... i mean now there songs are ok not great there might be like one or two songs i like on their new albums where before i would just buy all of their songs. of course i like how they change things up, can't keep playing the same stuff over and over. i love chester's voice and mike's rapping and the beats they play. i really wish i can see them play live one day.
  7. looooooooooooooooool that does not look like him
  8. Baseball: Yadier Molina, David Freese, Albert Pujols, Carlos Beltran, Allen Craig, Jon Jay, Matt Holliday, Rafael Furcal, Jamie Garcia
  9. i can't believe i haven't seen this thread! i LOVEEEEE baseball! my favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals (who were the world series champs i might add lol) i love the team, i love the players. it's really hard to choose a favore from the team but i love yadier molina. kinda sad the pujols left but oh well they're still playing good... just need some more good pitchers.
  10. i think what bothers me the most and i may be wrong about this because i've never been to the U.K but it kind of seems like the queen is seen by her peers in a God like sort of way which i don't like. i dont like the fact that she's bowed down to and i dont like the fact that some see themselves as servants to her. she's basically worshiped and i feel like only God can be bowed down to and we are servants of him not the queen or any royal monarch of other countries.
  11. Are Orthodox jews and Hasidic jews the same thing or is one more religous than the other?
  12. i know it was like he wants to hurt/kill us. i brought up how like when timothy mcviegh bombed the building in Oklahoma nobody blamed all white people for it and he said what i was saying was irrelavant and i said how is that irrelavant? also, this was on facebook awhile ago and it totally makes sense " If the person who killed 90+ people in Norway was a Muslim, the Press would have declared him as terrorist. For now though, he is just an 'Assailant ', 'Attacker' (Reuters), 'Gunman' (BBC, CNN & Al Jazeera). Looks like 'Terrorist ' is a name reserved for Muslims? The US Dept of State calls
  13. exactly, i hate when someone says that they didnt know that person was something but it's like still why would you say that. i remember once this boy on facebook wrote this comment "what did muslims expect? you can't just expect a country to forgive your religion after it's killed thousands of their people. now their bitching that their mosque's are being vandalized. in my opinion, they should consider themselves lucky that there's a ridiculous amount of laws protecting them" and i went off on him and he was like " in your religion you guys kill whoevers not muslim thats what it says in your q
  14. you dont have to answer to my post on the complaining thread i just saw this. who ever said that is an idoit. what did you say back to them? i hope they felt stupid. oh and im not sure if i asked you this before is it true that you can only be jewish if your mom is jewish? is that how it works?
  15. wait so i was reading some of the questions and answers on her facebook and i was confused bc one question was about what happened with the beauty and the beast, and emma said the director is editing it or something does that mean emma is in it? i couldnt read all of the 10000000000000000 comments she had on their and half of those comments were people being really stupid/gross and immature.
  16. why would anyone want to be servants to the queen? why do people bow down to her? i would never bow down to the queen or any human being. it's not like they're God or something.
  17. my question to emma is What has been her most embarrassing moment?
  18. exactly. all the "royals" do is show up at events when needed and take tax payers money. half of the dimonds and jewels the queen has doesnt even belong to her, some were stolen in conquests from other countries. i dont understand why they are worshiped so much. it's not like they are actually running the country.
  19. wow i have alot but... the amazing race globe trekker it's always sunny in philidelphia the office(before steve left)
  20. ok thanks for clearing that up
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