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  1. Well, after 10 years there is a new forum software update. But yes, Facebook, Twitter and eventually Instagram killed off forums for good (except in a few cases like gaming forums). Which is sad, I like the idea of forums in general. But that's how it goes.
  2. Should've been here 8-10+ years ago, the heydays..
  3. Nah, nobody will be back. These days are long gone. Maybe a few people check this forum out every once in a while but most people moved on with their lives. I miss the old days, even more the old forum days prior to this one. I wonder how long this board will continue to exist.
  4. My greatest concern is, if Clinton gets into office, she will start a war with Russia. It's really scary. Just look at what she did to Libya, look at Syria today. And with that in mind, I'll finish with her words: "We came, we saw, he died *lol*".
  5. It doesn't matter at all. Both are war mongering, fascist psychopaths. I don't know who's worse. It's like between a rock and a hard place. Also I agree: voting doesn't matter or changes anything.
  6. His performance in Robin Hood was brilliant. As in any other Film where he portrait a villain (as mentioned above already). These are usually the best actors around. It's just so sad.
  7. I missed the action, damn. Well I don't think feminism is the problem here. The problem lies in our society, the world we're living in. It's going to shit (always was shit). But that has other more profound reasons. Feminism isn't what it used to be, and like any movement it got infiltrated and used to the advantage of the elites. What you're maybe referring to is the radical feminism that do hate men, but that isn't the case for every feminist supporter. As Lady Deadpool stated, women are still being oppressed, paid less etc, so it is vital to do something about it. Is feminism is really t
  8. Hung himself with a belt. And a pocketknife with blood on it was found closed by.
  9. It was about 2 am in the morning when I by chance saw an article saying he died. At first I thought it was a joke..I still can't believe it yet. There are only a few actors I love since childhood, and he was one of them. It breaks my heart. I hope he finally found his peace from this hell hole of life.
  10. I don't know what to say. I can't believe that I would witness a german world cup win. I still can't believe it happened. My throat hurts, I'm a complete mess. Gnight. xD 54' 74' 90' 14'
  11. hahah fair enough. Yeah it was. If a team is build around only one or two key players, then I really don't think you have a very good team. If Germany would've lost one or two players, they could be easily replaced. And for a nation like Brazil which usually has good players it's kind of strange. I don't like Messi. Yeah, I agree. It's a little redemption, if it happens once. And not twice in a row like in 2006 and 2010. If Germany loses this time again, I don't know what to do anymore. In 12 years I've seen Germany twice in a final (world cup and euro) and twice 3rd place. Enough is
  12. Louis van Gaal, manager of the Dutch said that. Doesn't surprise me. Nevertheless so does Argentina. They have a day less than Germany. I think it kind off matters in case of earning points in the world ranking. In other sports there is also a third place. But of course playing such a game sucks.
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