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  1. I've been on hiatus for about a year but recently i decided to get back to making graphics. i'll be posting my new pieces here :> i love concentrating on details,that's why you'll notice lots of stuff going on on them one of the latest ones i've made, featuring Vampire Diaries!
  2. wanderer


    Anyone here listens to dubstep? I didn't find topics about it here, feel free to delete it if there are any If you don't know what dubstep is, you should know that it's simply the most awesome music genre there is.. Myself, i've been to shows by Modestep,Skism,Flux Pavilion,Doctor P,Captain Crunch,Borgore etc..& can i just mention that dubstep parties are the best ^^ So, anyone else shares my love for this music ? :-D oops can anyone please correct the title -.-
  3. hey thanks all! i appreciate it
  4. This letter is not a response for your grandpa's dying of cancer as you may have understood already...They didn't know of his sickness, either he didn't let them know of it or his letter was lost.. Anyways, i translated all of it. I'm typing it right now and inboxing you right away
  5. during 11:11 i slept XD lol yesterday night was a busy night so i didn't get much sleep..oh well
  6. "Hello dear brother Polya! Greetings from all our family.." Basically the writer(his sister apparently) apologizes for bothering him with her letter but she's wondering where has he gone and why he's not keeping in touch. She and her whole family are all worrying..She's wondering if they had hurt him in any way, in that case she's saying sorry. She's saying thanks for the package he had sent earlier, and that she has no idea if he had received the letters and photographs she sent after that to him. Is there any way you can scan the letter? xD i can't make out all the words hence can't comp
  7. Hey i know russian! i can try translating it for you, although some parts of the letter are a bit blurry so it's hard to make out the words
  8. I agree that the second banner looks absolutely amazing :]
  9. i'll follow you back :>
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