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  1. I won't be posting anymore. I think I get the drift from some people they don't like my art, so I won't be annoying them anymore. I would edit my first post and delete what I made, but I can't. I get really fed up because no one ever says nice things about what I make, I'm the most ignored person in a graphics section on a forum. People will view my topic, but never post too. If they do, they post that my stuff is too bright, 'you've improved' or stuff like that with laughing smilies. It's never "WOW" "Amazing" "So Jealous" like they do to everyone else. It gets to really hurt you after a whil
  2. Since people seem to want to see what I make, I will post a couple pieces for the moment There is of course my signature, but here are some pieces I have put together. Signatures http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz180/AgnethaFan/taylorpsdd.jpg Gifs (not signatures in gifs) http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz180/AgnethaFan/Untitled-1-1.gif http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz180/AgnethaFan/Untitled-1-2.gif http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz180/AgnethaFan/Gifs%20I%20have%20Made/pp5.gif http://i825.photobucket.com/albums/zz180/AgnethaFan/Gifs%20I%20have%20Made/pp1.gif
  3. I sat next to David Tua (New Zealand wrestler) for a couple minutes. He was totally rude. I think it was him. I was on this Xmas thing they did for people with issues (I was there because I had trouble making friends). I don't really understand it all, but all we did was get driven around a runway on a new plane that came in. Verrrrrry funnnn :|. Then we went to sit on Santa's knee and got given gift bags of plane merchandise!! WOO!!! :| then we went home! FUNNNNNN DAY!! :|. On the way to the plane, we went on a bus. I can't remember it very well, I was about 11 years old. I was on the bus a
  4. I hatemost soaps. It would be cute to see her on one, but it's not like I watch them anyway. Especially Eastenders or Coronation street...argh.
  5. I'm sorry, but I don't see it. I don't think that type of role is for her. Angelina Jolie is the right type because she is tall, slim and sorta muscley. Emma is slim but she isn't tall enough. I think the main lead would have to have a bit of a hard agressive nature and acting type and around Angelina's age with a ' ultra sexy' image. Emma is gorgeous and sexy, but Angelina is considered to be ultra sexy and is famous for it. I can't see men wanting to see Emma as an action hero. I don't think Emma would do a terrible job at it, but I don't think it would be something that really is right for
  6. I want to see this! She looks sweet! Those photos of her and Johnny are cute too, very passionate. It feels a little awkward looking at them, the moment should've been for the 2 of them, not a load of paparazzi snapping that moment. Unrelated: I must say that article down the side "Tom Cruise: 25 years on and not a day older" scared me a little to be honest. That's downright FREAKY
  7. I haven't seen it, but meant to. I didn't have any clue Emma voiced a character. Even more of a reason to see it. I might get it out soon
  8. I haven't seen the Desperaux movie yet. I really want to. I can see her playing a princess! I'd like her to play a non-cartoon princess too. Nice to see her in a long period dress!
  9. Just thought I'd come in and introduce myself. I believe I might have been a member here about 2 years ago and posted a bit. But I can't remember my username and password! My name is Becky and I think Emma is fantastic and gorgeous. I think she is a fantastic actress. I especially love her in "Ballet shoes". I do like her acting in HP as well... obviously! I make graphics as well, as you can see by my signature. Just for fun, not for competition. I might post a gallery, I may not. Only if people WANT to see my stuff, I don't get too many nice comments on my work, mainly critisism 99.9%.
  10. I love the way she looks. But not too fond on the wig. I saw a photo and you can clearly see it is a wig. I love her long hair, but the wig looks a tad awkward on her? Maybe it was just the photo.
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