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  1. Have a good first day at Hogwarts, James Sirius!
  2. Just checking in for the first time in ages to say I love and miss you guys, hope you're all enjoying your summer! (or winter, depending where you are in the world) Ron and Hermione are my happy place.
  3. Definitely did not just drool a little. ^ Edit: That was meant to quote the pictures Lumos posted. Not just sharing my special side with you all. IT WAS ABOUT RUPERT DAMMIT
  4. It has been way too long since I've been here! And what do I find? Recent posts from the old crew! Happy New Year indeed Cap'n and shipmates! Plus a big welcome to reality99! It's a shame you've found us at are quietest spell, but hopefully that's what we need to set the ships a-sailing again! Speaking of which, Jon I 100% agree with your post about shipping R/E. I still think these two would make a cute couple but given how long it's been since I saw them interact - seriously, how has it been that long?! - I don't feel I can legitimately link them romantically any more. I hope Rupert and
  5. Aw that vid made my heart feel all squishy. Thanks for posting!
  6. ^Congrats to the USA for going through! Unlike the long-running disappointment that is the English football team... pfft. I haven't been here in an age... it's oh so quiet! Slightly more on topic, I watched Tale of Despereaux for the first time the other day. It's really sweet! I also saw that Rupert has done a song for Postman Pat! I never saw that one coming! He's actually quite good. Maybe R/E will one day record a Wizard Rock album together hehe We can dream...
  7. Sabine that's an awesome picture of R/Hr's wedding! A fanfic waiting to happen I'm constantly torn between how much I would like JKR to reveal if she were to reveal more details about the books and characters. Part of me - a lot of me - wants to know every tiny minute little detail in the author's head, so I know exactly everything that could possibly have ever happened in the universe, just because I can't get enough haha. On the other hand though, knowing everything would kinda destroy the magic the series helped to create - the realms of imagination. Where would these forums be, for a st
  8. Did someone mention an online party? I'M HEEEEREEE! I totally agree Jon and Sabine. There are definitely people from the 'old days' whose posting I miss. I'm not ashamed to admit that when I check the shipper forums and see that certain people were the last posters - yourselves included - I always feel a rush of enthusiasm to read those posts. Personally I haven't been one for really talking to forum members much outside the forum threads and the occasional message, but as you've said I still feel a certain attachment to a lot of you. I feel comforted to know that members who have been here
  9. Firstly, I love Rupert. Secondly, I applaud Jon's post. I totally agree and you put it far better than I ever could. Also Sabine hit the nail on the head with the fact that many of us shipped R/Hr because they are the pairing that were built up through the books. Had that not been the case, I'm sure I would have supported the alternative pairing (or lack of) just as much. That's the consequence of building strong character relationships - the readers invest in them, because of what's on the page. Lastly... HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON!!!!!
  10. Thank you everyone for your wonderful posts. I think both time and reading a lot of responses across the internet has helped me put the comments in a different perspective, away from the shock of their initial impact. As some of you have said, it is testament to R/Hr and our love for them that our initial reactions were so strong. I also have always maintained that people have every right to prefer whichever pairing they like or see whatever they want to see within the book - that is the beauty of reading. The author herself has more right than anyone to change her opinions on her own work -
  11. Exactly Trixie, in the books Harry barely spoke to Hermione after Ron left - aside from a couple of little things like the blanket you mentioned, Harry didn't know how to talk to or comfort Hermione and she didn't seem to want to turn to him, either. That's what I didn't like about the added scene in the film - Ron leaving showed just how important he was to the trio. I don't mean to downplay Harry and Hermione's friendship, which I love, because I'm sure at a happier time they would absolutely have been able to have fun together, but that wasn't the time. I like the idea of two friends tryin
  12. Sabine, you raise a very good point. It's such a shame that such a good series and author has to lost fan credibility due to some remarks years after it was written, but that just goes to show the overwhelming love for the series and what it means to fans. Why the hell would anyone want to change that?
  13. I wonder how different the interview would have been if it were not conducted by Emma. As good a job as she did with the interview, I do wonder if it gave JKR the support and comfort to say things she would not have said in an ordinary interview, because she had someone else close to the series to agree with her. In part It did feel like two friends looking back on their memories and judging them, which is generally a positive thing as the interviewer can relate, but I do wonder if it enabled them to run away with themselves and to a point forget how their words might affect the readers. I'm n
  14. I agree Sabine. When talking about credibility it seemed to me that she meant more in terms of literary credibility - as in, she followed what she wanted with R/Hr rather than what would be a more expected or credible choice from a literary point of view. But this is one of the things I love about R/Hr. The hero didn't get 'the girl' - and not because he couldn't, but because he didn't want to. He didn't have time to fall in love with his best friend. He couldn't afford to risk losing someone who was so pivotal to his journey and success, either through making her more of a target or by runnin
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