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  1. Benjamin Braddock from "The Graduate".
  2. me (Like the movie, people! Stop looking at me like that. )
  3. False. Hm... Believes human nature is essentially good?
  4. Nightwing, those pictures are lovely! Also, my mother grew up in Oakville, so every time we go to visit family in Toronto or even if the CN Tower is in a movie or something, she stops everything so that we can acknowledge it. This is the courthouse downtown. They show movies in the courtyard out back (through the arch). This summer's theme was alien movies from the 1950's, last year's was classic musical films like Singin' in the Rain, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, et cetera. It's nice, and it's a very short walk from the transit station.
  5. Oh, that is one of my favorite pictures of her! 10
  6. Key Largo by Bertie Higgins "Just like Bogie and Bacall..."
  7. Yeah, I've been following his music for a long time and I think it's brilliant. Also, on a side note, I love how your location says "Hagrid's Hut", Hogwarts Lover. I think I heard that Simon Cowell was looking into signing Robert Pattinson, and I looked into his music and just did not care for it. I was like, "WHY, SIMON????!!!!! WHY????" And I think that the obvious Harry Potter cast member who should be going into the music business is Tom! It doesn't even have to be through conventional methods anymore - breaking into the music business. I mean, there's that Alex Day on youtube,
  8. Oh, gosh, you're right! I didn't think that part through! I guess I got fooled by the accents. They're very American accents. I'd like a Disney princess with a British accent. I'm not sure if there has been one. Wow, Dax. This is super impressive. ^^ Oh, that's cool.
  9. Okay, I want to address some things here. 1. Incentives B>C, where benefit exceeds cost. Benefits can include an assortment of things, from getting that grade to pleasing parents to finding an easy way out, et cetera, et cetera. Costs can include an assortment of things as well, such as loss of money to a fellow student, et cetera, et cetera. Of course, we've all heard of cases where people thought B>C, but got caught and found the consequences led them to solving that little equation and differently in the future... and cases where people have been caught and improved their method
  10. Have they had any British princesses? That would be nice. And an Indian one. And others. (Isn't that a bit funny? Historically, there have been so many British princesses, but Walt Disney and company come along with Snow White and all of the princesses are American! Although I imagine I am forgetting somebody.) It could be interesting to see her as a live-action British, Disney princes... A new one... Not a lame one... A very interesting one... Yes, I like this idea. :-)
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