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  1. texting my boyfriend and watching a movie
  2. Where do Broken Hearts Go By Whitney Huston
  3. Muse is really good i started liking them because of Twilight LMAO!! In The End By Linkin Park
  4. I love them!!.. Flyleafs amazing It is sad she left but i understand she needed to because she had a baby!
  5. Listening to Music.. and texting my boyfriend
  6. @ Jade looking Good as always Chicka @ Tara looking good(: @ Ashley pretty as always (: @ the rest of yall looking good
  7. Everyone looks soo good Ashley you look so pretty Arie you are so pretty as well (: and everyone else looks AMAZING! (: Heres a few of me <3
  8. Never getting back together by Taylor Swift
  9. sarrie


    My boyfriend told me about there new song I cant wait to fully hear it!! lately i been addicted to to them i remember when i heard them 4 years ago or longer i dont remember it has been a long time but they are still good I am kind of addcited to them now a days!! Ibeen listening to the reaglouisly
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