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  1. dignitaries and heads of state, huh? I know she's a queen and everything but I'm not sure she qualifies
  2. that's what I meant indeed. Right now I think pap coverage of Emma is underwhelming because of all the stuff we already know about her, that she shared in the past. I hope it stays that way
  3. I wouldn't follow her career if she didn't come across as a genuinely lovable person. I'm not following any other celebrities even though I might enjoy their acting/ music/ whatever. So it's kind of naive to say that private information has no bearing on how celebrities are perceived. That said I'm upset myself when I see pictures like those of her at Heathrow where it's obvious that she's uncomfortable with the paps.
  4. I'm not stalker-ish, what she has said (willingly) in the past was good enough for me. I'm just wondering how she will develop in that regard, she sounded like she wanted to cut down on the information she's giving. Absolutely.
  5. I'm just wondering if it's going to be a Bible-adhering fairy tale or aiming for historical accuracy, i.e. the displacement of a small farming community by a minor, localized flood, say in Armenia or the Black Sea region.
  6. She looked really upset this time, not to mention her tweets. That said, I hope that in the future we don't have to rely on paps to get information about her private life, she was pretty open in the past and I hope that won't change too much.
  7. Just an idea, she was 17 going on 18 when HBP was filmed, I don't think she lost her virginity that late. As for the language I would stick to German, writing fiction in a foreign language is difficult
  8. I think it's sad that she won't collaborate with designers anymore. If her line really did well she might have a talent that will go unused now
  9. not a question about her movie roles, I'd like to know what she thinks about the replies and 'comments' left by her fans
  10. thx for the link, I guess my lip reading is that bad :/ and who is the a** that bumps into her at the end
  11. well one question that was asked rather often was if there was a reason why she started to follow Aronofsky on Twitter, so maybe she'll shed some light on this soon
  12. very excited for this, it would be an interesting role
  13. my lip reading skillz might be rusty, but that's not what she said, is it?
  14. and thanks for that, that's a lot of filtering
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