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  1. Ugh please, the childish giggling, Kenny rocking the bed! . But then again it was worth getting up early later that night as there was a girl at reception only wearing a towel around her as she was complaining about something at the reception.
  2. That's called an Avatar . Click on my name, and you'll see .
  3. I recall a certain 3 of you waking me up in the MIDDLE OF THE BLOODY NIGHT!!
  4. Right guys and gals, I made this topic, as me and the Daz man (Dazza) were talking on facebook, and were considering of going to the last premiere in London. We did this a few years ago for the Goblet of Fire Premiere, and had such a blast. If anyone is interested, stick your name down. (please don't waste a post saying I want to go, but can't afford it, don't want the topic to get spammed) The reason I am posting this early than later, is simply this. The more the numbers, the better chance we can get at the front row of the barriers to see the stars, and the more chance of getting
  5. I booked the tickets online from Odeon for myself and my best mate on the day of the release. Really really enjoyed the film, and already looking forward to see the part 2 this summer coming. My favourite scenes had to be when Ron was about to destroy the Horcux, and we saw his fears. I thought Emma looked stunning in black. (my jaw dropped, really) and the torture scene. When Hermione screamed, I literally gripped the handles of the seat hard and tensed, I actually wanted to get off my seat, walk up to the screen and punch Bellatrix in the face! (check my profile pic, you'll see it won't
  6. How is Jo getting on by the way mate, I haven't seen her since the London Premiere we were in.
  7. Hey guys, the good game is back . Basically a fun game, I ask a question, the replied poster makes a response if he/she would do such a task to meet Emma then make a question of their own for the next person. I'll start off. Would you run naked in your local town to meet Emma?
  8. *facepalms* KS987 is back.... the forum is doomed already!!
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