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  1. Apparently I must be watching different Olympics then you are. Misty and Kerri have still never dropped a set, much less a match, in Olympic play. And Dallhauser and Rogers are older and recovering from injuries, yet still undefeated. And women's gymnastics? Seriously? It was never even close. Even the first night. That was the largest smackdown since 1960. And swimming is cyclical. Look at Australia. Where have they been this Olympics. Phelps has not been what we've come to expect, but he didn't put anywhere near as much into it this time around. We're still, along with China, lapping the fie
  2. He can throw his money around, and prominent actors will always flock to him. How many Oscar's did his studio get last night? And that's a regular occurrence. As for the photo. It could be what it looks like. But we're talking about a closely cropped tabloid photo. So who knows. It wouldn't be the first time a crowd has freaked out an actor. Weinstein may not be a paragon of morality, but he is one of the most successful producers Hollywood has ever seen.
  3. Please no! That would be a sign that the studio was trying to create your typical teen vehicle. Lutz's lack of acting ability notwithstanding. I agree with others who have suggested someone relatively unknown. Or at least someone not so associated with one character. You really don't want people trying to look through the makeup to find that familiar character.
  4. I'm not sure mature is the right word. She's still playing a teenager. I was always curious to see the rating for this. Even without any sex it would have been hard to get a PG-13 rating with the amount of drugs and overall theme of the book. The story behind Charlie's... issues, would be hard to do correctly without the R rating. I guess we'll have to see how much Chbosky and the studio are willing to water it down to get the, potentially, more profitable rating. The books been out long enough, 13 years, that the majority of it's fans are old enough to see an R-rated movie anyway.
  5. Emma looks lovely as usual. But unfortunately, we appear to have another wardrobe malfunction. Something that is clearly on her left side does not appear to be on the right. It is a beautiful dress, though.
  6. It's a sad day in sports. And not because Joe Paterno has been fired for not reporting the sexual abuse of children by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky. The Penn State Board of Trustees made the only decision they could. A decision JoePa should have made himself. No, what is sad is that people have let sports, a game, become more important than the ruined lives of a number of children and their families. Fans screaming that Paterno had earned the right to coach the last three games of the season boggle my mind. The sad fact behind all of this, is that Joe Paterno failed as a human bein
  7. It's a car. It's supposed to get you from point A to point B. Not be cool enough to mask any insecurities. Her clothing line was eco-friendly too.
  8. Ok people. Get over it. Kelly is on a show where her JOB is to critique what people wear to events. And she said nothing but good things about Emma, she just didn't like the dress. And personally, I hated both dresses. London and NYC. Emma markets herself as a style icon. So people are going to critique everything she wears. They'll like some, and not like others. And to bad mouth Kelly to the degree some of you did, is pretty tacky and juvenile. She was just dong what she gets paid to do.
  9. jayhawk


    I was a hardcore runner from Jr High through my first year at KU. I ran cross country and track in high school. My best 5k (3.1 mile) time was 15:56. In track I ran the 800, 1600, and anchored the 4x400 relay. I also occasionally ran the open 400. My best time in that was 47.9 sec. I was going to run on the track team at KU, but then the knees completely went. I'm surprised I was able to keep it up as long as I did. My legs were so messed up when I was a baby that they had to break both of them to straighten them out. My parents were told I'd never be able to play sports. Now I'll be looking a
  10. Disappointing match. The game should have been blown wide open in the first twenty minutes. Then there would be no need for extra time and pk's. And then, Pia Sundhage's decision making in the extra time is baffling. You take out Megan Rapinoe, who to me is the women's answer to Bastian Schweinsteiger, and put in Tobin Heath. Who promptly loses possession on consecutive touches. The last ultimately leading to another Hope Solo injury, and the tying goal. And both were ridiculously bone headed considering the time and score. Then Sundhage has Heath take the penalty over Alex Morgan. Morgan h
  11. I'm guessing that this film didn't have a huge budget, so they probably didn't have a long shooting schedule. As for the delay. It takes months to edit, re-shoot if necessary, organize distribution, and set up marketing. There was never any fear of overlap. It is going to suck waiting, though. The book was great. My only concern is that they cut out too much of the edge and the dark side of the story to try and get a PG-13 rating. If that's the case, which is the rumor, why bother making it at all. Way too early to worry much about that, however.
  12. Emma's decision to give up trying to be "normal" makes a lot of sense when you hear rumors like this. Apparently there is some guy shopping a topless photo of Emma to the highest bidder. His story is that a buddy of his, a student at Brown, took the photo post-coital, and sent it to a small number of close friends he thought wouldn't try to sell it. My guess is that the guy is full of it. Unfortunately, if it is true, someone will pay what the douche bag is asking. Like I said, I'm sure it's BS. But you can understand her decision.
  13. Yeah, it takes some adjustment. It's basically a series of letters to an unnamed person. Look at it more as reading someones journal/diary.
  14. The closest thing to nudity you would see in DH2 would be Dan in the King's Cross dead/dream scene. As for Emma the closest we'll see in the HP series was the horcrux scene in DH1. Now it is a remote possibility in Perks. Those who have read the book will know the scene I'm talking about. And it really is vital to the story because of what it reveals about the main character. That being said, I would suspect that it will go for a PG-13 rating due to its target demographic. So I don't expect anything to be shown. Not that it really matters. Well, maybe to all those 20-something guys still l
  15. Yeah, somebodies stretching to make it fit. The Titanic was born, built, in Belfast, Ireland. The logical conclusion is Lancome.
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