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  1. I live in a pretty average sized town just outside of Leeds in northern England. There's very little to do here and the place doesn't look all too appealing. Nowhere near as good as all of your places. D: The only thing worth coming here for is the Xscape, which is like a big complex of cinemas, restaurants, bowling, lazer tag, clubs, and an indoor ski-slope. Nothing really naturally stunning though, which is annoying because I'd prefer to live somewhere near a forest or near mountains then where I am. It's just empty fields. The only kind of forest we have is one where all the idiot t
  2. It's about time I found someone else who likes them! Barely anyone I know has ever heard of them. They deserve much more praise and recognition than they get. Also Two Door Cinema Club.
  3. Also My Morning Jacket. One of my favourite bands evar.
  4. I'd describe myself as an atheist. I don't believe in any god, but I'm not one of those atheists who criticise you for believing in a god. It's none of my business what you believe in, and to be honest as long as you're happy then I'm happy. I don't really see religion as a barrier between who I like and who I don't like, on the same level as race or sexuality. I'd be friends with a gay black buddhist and it wouldn't bother me. We're all humans. I dislike people that are douchebags, not people that believe in a god. On the subject of sexuality, how do all you religious people feel about hom
  5. They're Icelandic, I think. Kinda folk-rocky. Little Talks is a good song.
  6. I know she likes Johnny Depp and Julia Roberts. As for music I recall her tweeting about Of Monsters and Men (Who are awesome, by the way). That's all I know on that front.
  7. Good for cartoons, you say? Well now I'm even more interested! I'll have a look tomorrow when I'm less tired. And I look forward to your cartoony Emma!
  8. Thanks! And I think I've heard of SAI before, I'll have to check it out sometime.
  9. Thanks a lot, everyone! Nice to know I'm doing something right. I'm definitely looking to improve my skills and maybe come up with some original drawings, instead of just reference/recreating. Still though, thanks again.
  10. Uh, The Hoosiers (Band, not Indiana people :3) Emma Bon Iver Childish Gambino George Watsky Cafe Tacvba Dr Pepper KFC How I Met Your Mother The Elder Scrolls IV & V (Oblivion & Skyrim) Borderlands 2 Chelsea FC (Pwned Man U, just sayin')
  11. Yeah I plan on updating it whenever I make a decent amount of progress. That picture's actually from a couple days ago but I've got lots of college work to do so I've been rather busy. And it was done on GIMP because it's easy to use, I'm too cheap for Photoshop (and too lazy to illegaly download) and I like the UI.
  12. So I decided to draw Emma for some practice in digital art. I used a reference image because I wasn't going for originality, I was more enhancing my skills with texture and stuff. It's not finished (clearly ) but I thought if I was gonna post it anywhere it may as well be here.
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