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  1. Jo used to go here but with certain users around here it's normal that we haven't seen her for a long time
  2. just to avoid desperete fans who want to give cakes or whatever. if you put her name on it , it will attract useless people
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDK9QqIzhwk
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    welcome to the jungle!!
  5. Me too, so what?? youre so stupid that you want with all your heart to believe every piece of shit people say about her, then you come here and post your bullshit. For what? what do you gain proving Emma is a terrible person look at you, a 50 years old man with family worrying more for drunk people to get information about where live a 23 years old girl JUST to stand in front of her house(said by you). Everybody here hates you, thats an opinion, so you have to believe it, the same way you believe what you want to believe. If thats make you happy, from now I gonna believe Emma is the d
  6. yea, Im still remember how much do you like get drunk and get drunk people to get information. The mental help comment I assume is about you
  7. and the award http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TheCQ71pylU
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    My name is - Eminem
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