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  1. Well, I do know that there are vampires in Blade Hunter. Blade is a vampire, and he hunts and kills other vampires as a hobby or for a living. Emma wouldn't be too bad running in a movie like that.
  2. Here is a video of a freak wave that you guys are talking about, for some of us who are visual learners:
  3. That should be an interesting movie. I could imagine myself seeing Emma as a vampire hunter and killing other vampires. Haha, that would be cool. *sigh*
  4. This is what I will be doing too once the movie comes out on DVD.
  5. I guess people don't like talking about Emma's success. They just want her to remain the same actress as she usually is, picking the same small roles and attending the same events. tsk tsk.
  6. Agreed. Come on people, we need to give Emma a chance to grow and improve in her roles. -_-"
  7. I think Emma would definitely fit for this role. Since she is a smart, bright, talented, and intelligent actor.
  8. Oh yeah. I have a mentally ill diagnosis too, but there are people out there younger then me who don't have a mental illness and have a crush on Emma. As I got older and more mature, I am not really in love with Emma as much as I used to be when I was younger. ^^
  9. Well, I don't really waste my time talking about Emma being in a particular movie character. I would just love for her to be in a good and smart choice character that she would like to choose herself.
  10. I'm sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with pneumonia. Continue to be strong in the Lord and His mighty power.
  11. Oh yeah. Now you are getting somewhere. Those are the kind of films that I would love for Emma to be starring in. ^^
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