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  1. Yes her name is Jo , I didn't want to disclose personal info in case of violation of privacy. My username was ~*SweetChik*~ at the time (which is why i registered as sweetchik in case someone would recognize)This was from years 2001-2004 when I had been a mod , its been a reaally long time Nice to see the forum has been well kept for this long , good job
  2. Getting rdy for bed soon and still curious as to where have all the origjnal members disappeared to ....
  3. She's just a product of the industry ... the illuminati . Sold her soul to the devil to make it big , if it weren't for illuminati she wouldnt be "as big" and known as she is today .her be haviour her choice of attire the explicit dancing - its all part of the plan .sorry to say but she , too , is now a puppet like rihanna beyonce jayz chris brown etc .
  4. I would like to say I'm new buuuut .. I was a moderator back when this forum was first created (when likkle emma first appeared on the harry potter series ) Anyways I was wondering if any of the old school members are still active ? Any of my fellow moderators ?? Ie. Enigma , scabbers9 , fleur_delacour .... Love that this forum is still up and running -sweety
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