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  1. She is great - great hair, great dress This pic is from Berlin hotel
  2. I don't like Emma with short hair I think that we the girls have to be with long hairs of course there are girls wich looks very good with short hairs
  3. http://tinypic.com/usermedia.php?uo=a6BMdyuA%2FVzSCuUJur%2BAq4h4l5k2TGxc#.UwPOp2J_vps ready
  4. I am sorry my mistake It is collage of one friend Thank you i will try this
  5. I'm sorry if there is topic like this. I made a collage for Emma from 2002 - 2014 I hope you like it:) I suggest who want to post some pic from Emma's past here http://dox.bg/files/dw?a=b4a1e558b7 Excuse me, i don't see how to take the pic from the computer
  6. I am sorry but i don't like this dress. Emma is so beautiful, why she has to wear somethig like this? I'm dissapointed...
  7. Yes, sure, and i think that Emma is Emma but when i see shipka at the far, when she speaks i think "Lol this is Emma"
  8. Hi, everybody! I am new here, i am a fan of Emma and i decided to share something. Soon i watched a movie with Kiernan Shipka i think that she and Emma have many similarities especially at the smile, what do you think? https://www.google.bg/search?q=kiernan+shipka&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=vJUDU-6-F8WWtAaz2oHwDA&ved=0CCkQsAQ&biw=1024&bih=634
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