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  1. Hey guys I've got a several offers but I don't know where to go....Could you give me some advice? I want to study biology or chemistry (but if I study well I'll consider to choose biomedical engineering or chemical engineering) I'm a little bit nerdy(lol don't like going to party very often) Umm....The schools are University of Rochester, Rensselaer, Mount Holyoke College, Bucknell University, Lafayette College and College of the Holy Cross (the last four might not be so famous but their science is really good T^T And....yeah Mount Holyoke has a 3+2 engineering with Caltech & Dartmouth whi
  2. Reviewing TOEFL grammar and preparing to do some Math thing.
  3. All your cities are amazing! Umm,I live in Changzhou,China,a small city The pagoda A park near the pagoda The city wall A alley with traditional Chinese structures which is next to the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Tianmu lake An ancient town Somewhere I don't know,but it seems like a garden And finally!I found some pics of Jinyuan Garden.It is just near my primary school and I used to sketch there Lol hope u will like it <3 To be more specific,u can check it http://bbs.zhong5.cn/thread-6169903-1-1.html
  4. "You kept him alive so he could die at the proper moment?" "Always." So many people have gone. Fred,Lupin,Tonks,Snape...They are all heroes.
  5. Im sorry to hear that Ashley.Your health is the MOST important thing.Don't be upset or pessimistic,we are here and we are all supporting you.6 months later,we'll see a happier,healthier and prettier Ashley. Good luck Ashley.
  6. Can I be your blood sis?
  7. Gwen we are ALL praying for you.Everything's gonna be allright.
  8. preparing my speech for the school newspaper and...yeah I hate Physics! Newton Second Law is terribly difficult.(Only for Chinese students)
  9. Chinese dragons are more...idk how to say,they represent the nation,power and luck.
  10. Thxxx Im going to cosplay for another time.Hope it can be better.
  11. yes swim 300m?maybe... when you float and feel the wave..Swimming's amazing!
  12. idling...oh i hate physics...Newton second law im driven mad
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