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  1. Sorry, but what point are you trying to make here? Were you trying to get across that I am bragging? Sorry if I am ;(
  2. Honestly this is one of the most fascinating subjects for me, I have pondered this for so long, so I decided to see what you guys thought, tell me some of your guesses below! I have a few thoughts: Voldemort - a corpse of himself, because his goal in life is to become immortal Fred and George - probably each other dead, or injured Dumbledore - maybe Aberforth dead? Or Harry dead? Or Voldemort reigning? Sirius - Harry dead Luna - I definitely want people to tell me what you think Luna would see!!! It took a long time for me, but I think her father dead! Harry - Ginny dead???? Or Ron or Hermio
  3. Hmmm... what would Draco Malfoy see? I think maybe a life where he was happy, his parents truly cared and loved him, and where the Dark Arts doesn't exist. Thoughts?
  4. Yeah I have an account I came out ravenclaw, but I'm still not sure. Oh well!
  5. OK maybe I'm a little too obsessed but I wanted to make a topic about the Harry Potter objects that all you PotterHeads have. I personally have to many to count but on my door by itself, I have two photos from the WB studio in London, 3 wands, (elder, Harry's and Voldemort's) the green screen of me on a broom at WB, my Hogwarts letter, a snitch, a photo gallery, Hogwarts crest, 2 RIP Letters to Alan rickman and John Hurt, and fan art. I know.. And that's just my door..!! So comment if you can be bothered and say what stuff you have!! (I know I'm lame haha!)
  6. I didn't know he was in Orwell's 1984! Should watch it!
  7. Hardest question I can never answer.... Sirius and Hermione I think...
  8. Yeah the first dumbledore was definitely the best. So calm, serene, everything was perfect. Then he died...... And Michael Gambon took over. I think the trio actors were AMAZING. I admire them very much!
  9. A PACK A DAY?? God, he has to quit soon. I'm glad that Rupert Grint tried!! That's great of him!
  10. Love Rupert Grint (who doesn't??!!) But I sorta wish that Hermione ended up with Harry. I know. Cheesy. The two main protagonist end up together. But they were perfect for each other. I mean look at how well they coped without Ron in DH!! Don't kill me for this opinion!! Adios amigos
  11. Yeah, I read it. I don't think it has much chance of becoming a big thing, but then it is WB we are talking about here, so....
  12. Today, a great man and actor died. John hurt died of cancer at age 77. Some of his most iconic roles were as the mysterious Ollivander, and the The War Doctor in doctor who. RIP John Hurt, as another Harry Potter actor who died of cancer. "Voldemort did great things, terrible, yes. But great." - John Hurt as Ollivander.
  13. Hmmmm... All of them!!!!! I know it sounds vain but this is me Slytherin: Cleverness, ambition, shrewdness Hufflepuff: Loyalty, tolerance, kindness Gryffindor: Bravery, chivalry, adventure Ravenclaw, Intelligence, wit, creativity I am all of these things!!! What to do...
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