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  3. it´s not a song, but i just listen to the new album of SUNRISE AVENUE for a few weeks now
  4. good start into the new saison good start into the new saison
  5. in the third book he often gave harry icecream and in an another book (i don´t know which one) Harry said that he and Florean were friends
  6. Hm i don´t know seven, but i think - a really good book - my sunglasses - if electric things are possible, i would take my mp3player not that full of ideas, but if i were a murder, i would take the most important thing from the one i killed, i think
  7. hah i live in a small village in germany too! (9000 people) but it is nice, because you have a nice future, and eyeryone knows everyone. I dont have a picture, but maybe i´ll post one later
  8. are you human? is that castle in UK? have you ever met Harry?
  9. i think it would be a nature disaster or like molly´s sorry but i have got to come back to the question what two boggarts would do when then meet: i wondered whether boggarts have emocions??? because when they are afraid of something themselves, it would be clear what the other one would be.
  10. although i would love to play kreacher because I love to say something bad to people or Fred or George because of their crazy ideas and because of Quidditch;) and I think bellatrix would be interesting to fell how She feels
  11. i don´t think so. i loved the movie, too!! didn´t know they will make part 2+3 thats great. i look forward, too
  12. Das hier ist ein tolles Forum, finde ich! (this is a nice forum, i think) german
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